Real agarwood bracelet is highly sought after by many people. Its quality is among the top tier, and its scent and wood grain cannot be compared to other types of incense. However, there are still many people who mistakenly purchase low-quality products, not as expected. In the following article, Oud House will help you learn how to distinguish genuine agarwood bracelets.

Types of Agarwood Bracelets in the Market

Given their rarity and high price, the situation of fake agarwood is quite common. You need to be an expert or have conducted thorough research to distinguish genuine agarwood bracelets.

Types of incense bracelets on the market
Types of incense bracelets on the market

Natural Agarwood Bracelet

Natural agarwood bracelet, which is the best type of agarwood bracelet at the moment, is created entirely from agarwood with natural origins. This gives the product a distinctive, pleasant fragrance and has great spiritual and health effects.

Natural incense has the ability to balance emotions, promote relaxation, and improve sleep quality for the owner. In particular, this type of bracelet will keep its unique aroma and never lose it.

Artificial Agarwood Type

In fact, the supply of natural agarwood is becoming scarcer and of extremely high economic value. As a result, most agarwood frankincense bracelet available in the market is crafted from artificial agarwood. It is also considered a high-quality agarwood bracelet and is sought after by many people.

Despite the low success rate of creating artificial agarwood, a bracelet made from artificial agarwood is still highly regarded and valuable. These fake products still possess natural characteristics, including color and patterns similar to natural agarwood, and the scent also lasts. Although it cannot be precisely the same as a 100% natural agarwood bracelet, artificial agarwood bracelet still offers many benefits to the users.

Fake Agarwood

There are many types of fake agarwood bracelets that have appeared on the market. These products are not related to agarwood essential oil or the Aquilaria crassna tree. Therefore, shoppers need to be careful and well-informed to distinguish genuine from fake agarwood.

Fake agarwood bracelet is often sold at very low prices. It usually falls into the following three categories:

  • The bracelet is made from wood, but its fragrance is created from synthetic chemical ingredients.
  • The bracelet is crafted from different types of wood, then pressed and applied with a layer of agarwood oil.
  • The bracelet is not from agarwood but impregnated or pressed through chemical oil.

Tips to Distinguish Fake And Real Frankincense Bracelet

To identify a real frankincense bracelet, you first need to have basic knowledge about this type of item. Next, follow the expert’s ways of distinguishing below.

Distinguishing Through Wood Grain

There are many methods to identify a real frankincense bracelet, but the most common approach is to determine the wood grain on the surface of the product. With a natural agarwood bracelet, the wood grain is divided into two separate types, and the space between these fibers is where the agarwood is located.

Distinguishing the real agarwood bracelet through the wood grain
Distinguishing the real frankincense bracelet through the wood grain

Distinguishing through Scent

A relatively simple method to identify a real frankincense bracelet is by smelling the scent. These two types of bracelets will have distinct differences in scent:

  • Real frankincense bracelet will emit a gentle and natural wood scent, not grumpy or unpleasant. Furthermore, this product will contain less oil, resulting in a brighter and lighter wood color. However, natural agarwood bead strands soaked in water (A1 grade) closely resemble pressed agarwood bracelets, as they have a high oil content in the wood and have a deep black color.
  • Compressed Agarwood Bracelet available in the market also has a sweet but very strong scent. It has an herbal aroma resembling that of traditional Chinese medicine due to its processing involving the extraction of high concentrations into a medicinal form. Additionally, this type of agarwood bracelet is often heavy because of the substantial amount of oil pressed into the wood grains. Their color is also very dark and deep black.

Oud House – A Reputable Source for Real Agarwood Bracelet

Oud House is a trustworthy provider of real agarwood bracelet, equipped with the most advanced and modern technology. We are committed to using absolutely no synthetic fragrances or additives. We take pride in delivering a natural, fresh, and comforting scent while ensuring the safety of our customers’ health.

We always aim to provide high-quality products that are suitable for placement in sacred spaces or as gifts for loved ones. Oud House provides a diverse range of agarwood products, catering to various purposes and usage environments. This allows customers to freely select according to their preferences and needs.


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