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The Untold Story of Oud-house Founder – Faiyaz Reyansh and His Love for Agarwood

Referring to Oud-house Agarwood and its founder, Faiyaz Reyansh, we cannot ignore the name that has become an icon in the contemporary agarwood industry. However, few people know that behind the spectacular success of the Oud-house brand lies the story of a man with immense passion and hunger for the exquisite fragrance of agarwood.

Faiyaz Reyansh’s Biography

Faiyaz Reyansh, the founder and soul of Oud-house, embarked on his journey to explore the world of agarwood in the early 1980s. He was born and raised in a small town, always enchanted by the characteristic aroma of agarwood. This was a product commonly used by the local people in their reverential ceremonies. That was the moment that aroused passion in his heart.

After years of studying and researching the treasures of nature, Faiyaz Reyansh resolved to focus on creating and crafting high-quality agarwood products. These products are imbued with the essence of the land where he was born and nurtured. With an adventurous spirit and endless patience, he embarked on a quest to find precious pieces of agarwood far and wide, from remote and perilous forests to ancient villages.

Although this journey was challenging, Faiyaz Reyansh’s deep passion pushed him to overcome all difficulties. He learned about the agarwood harvesting process from local experts and had the opportunity to interact with scientific researchers. As a result, it is possible to better understand the factors affecting the aroma and quality of agarwood.

Achievements of Faiyaz Reyansh

Faiyaz Reyansh’s first achievement is evident through the first Oud-house’s product line. The pure pieces of agarwood, coupled with the unique fragrances, captivated global Oud enthusiasts. Consequently, Oud-house became a symbol of perfection and essence, garnering the attention of classy fragrance connoisseurs worldwide.

Tiger Oud
Tiger Oud

Not resting on his laurels, Faiyaz Reyansh continuously aspired to bring the best experiences to consumers. For that reason, he is motivated to research and continue to develop new products continually. Oud-house consistently expanded its product portfolio, offering unique Natural Agarwood Super as well as other crafted items like incense sticks and agarwood essential oils

What highlights Faiyaz Reyansh’s achievements is not just his business success but also the intense love he harbors for agarwood. For Faiyaz Reyansh, agarwood is not just a scent; it’s a part of humanity and culture. He always yearned to share this passion with others, helping them understand more about the spiritual value that agarwood brings.

In a recent interview, Faiyaz Reyansh shared, “Agarwood  is not just a product; it’s also spirit, emotion, and a way to connect nature with oneself.” From these insights, we can see that his love and devotion to agarwood has not only shaped Oud-house but also his own journey.

In a constantly evolving world, Faiyaz Reyansh maintains his faith and ambition to elevate Oud-house to new heights. His success serves as a lesson in passion and patience, as well as a testament to his boundless love for the quintessential scent of frankincense.

Skilled artisans at Oud-house
Skilled artisans at Oud-house

CEO Faiyaz Reyansh’s Contact

  • Phone: (+84) 866 033 099
  • Email: oudhouse.tiger@gmail.com
  • Address: 637 National Highway 20, Tan Phu Town, Tan Phu District, Dong Nai Province, Vietnam

The above is the most specific information about the author, Faiyaz Reyansh (CEO of Oud-house). It can be seen that he has overcome himself and adversity through determination and an intense love for agarwood. This also demonstrates that agarwood is one of the products that connect nature and the human mind, helping people find relaxation after periods of exhausting work and study.

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