With the criteria of “Trust – Quality – Effectiveness”, Oud House is committed to providing the most dedicated product return and warranty policies. The company takes full responsibility for agarwood products with technical defects and offers quick exchange and return services.

Agarwood Product Warranty Content from Oud House 

The trust and support of our valued customers have been a great source of encouragement for Oud House’s development. Therefore, we always strive to provide the best experiences with our dedicated return and warranty policies.

Products with defects

For products with defects from the manufacturer, such as incorrect agarwood fragrance delivered, broken or discolored products, customers can apply for a nationwide one-to-one exchange within 15 days after contacting the customer care department.

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Lifetime warranty 

For products like agarwood bracelets or other agarwood accessories, we offer a lifetime warranty for restringing or polishing.

Conditions for product warranty:

  • The product must have defects from the manufacturer. 
  • The product must still be within the warranty period, and complete information must be provided at the time of purchase.

Note on cases that are not eligible for warranty 

Inevitably, there may be misunderstandings regarding product quality, so the following cases are not covered by Oud House’s return and warranty policy:

  • Products damaged during use: Broken, torn, discolored, or foul-smelling due to improper storage or use. 
  • Products damaged by external factors, natural disasters, or during transportation: Wear and tear, tearing, breakage, discoloration, distortion. 
  • Products that customers have personally altered or modified from the original state. 
  • Products that have exceeded the warranty period provided by the company.
  • Products not listed in the customer’s purchase history at Oud House. 
  • Providing inaccurate information during purchase.

Oud House’s Product Warranty Process 

With a dedicated customer care team, Oud House ensures that the best policies are provided to our valued customers.

Step 1: Contact to register product warranty 

For customers who are far away and unable to visit the showroom, please contact the hotline number 0866 033 099 and provide accurate information to confirm the warranty or send product information to Oud-House’s gmail oudhouse.tiger@gmail.com for error reporting.

The information content will include:

  • Product code 
  • Images and current condition of the product 
  • Customer’s phone number registered when purchasing at Oud House 
  • Once the customer’s information meets the warranty conditions, the customer care department will guide you on how to send the product back to the showroom. 

Note: The shipping and storage costs when sending products for warranty are the customer’s responsibility.

For customers who visit the showroom directly:

  • Please contact the hotline 0866 033 099 to be directed to the showroom. 
  • Provide complete information registered at the time of purchase. 
  • Oud House confirms that customers can send the product to the showroom for warranty.

Step 2: Receive the product and warranty 

An Oud House consultant will contact the customer via their provided phone number to inform when the product is received. They will also call to notify when the product is ready after the warranty process (within 7 to 30 days depending on the product’s defect).

Then, customers can choose one of two methods to receive the product back:

  • Sending the product through the postal service. 

Note: Customers must provide accurate and complete address information. Shipping and storage costs are the customer’s responsibility.

  • Customers can visit the showroom and receive the product directly.

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Oud House’s return and warranty policies are committed to providing customers with the best experiences. We hope that the dedication put into each product from Oud House will earn your trust. We always aspire to become your reliable partner.