Privacy Policy

The privacy policy is the foundation of OUD House’s operations. OUD House aims to bring fragrance, purity, and tranquility to your home through agarwood – a natural gift from heaven. Please refer to this policy to use OUD House’s products, a unit that preserves the essence of nature in your home.

What is OUD House’s privacy Policy? 

OUD House’s privacy policy outlines the content related to its products and services provided to customers. In the process of delivering the purest and most valuable natural essence through agarwood products, the privacy terms help OUD House maintain its brand and position in this business field.

The policy related to the privacy of the brand includes:

  • Policy related to OUD House’s products. 
  • Policy related to the website and its content. 
  • Policy related to customer privacy.

Details of OUD House’s privacy Terms 

With an ongoing mission to create and provide top values to its customers, the company has set forth the privacy policy and emphasizes the full implementation of all content in this policy as follows:

Securing OUD House’s brand products 

The brand carrying natural agarwood into customers’ homes has specific terms related to the privacy policy. The company always strives to perfect its products to provide customers with the best experiences.

  • All products released are owned by the OUD House brand. 
  • Any acts of violation regarding the exclusive nature of the products, such as copying, counterfeiting, or selling OUD House products at discounted prices under any form, are strictly prohibited. 
  • Imitating formulas or designs of patented and trademarked products is strictly prohibited. 
  • No products will be brought to the market under a brand name but not officially announced or sold by the company. 

Any violations of this policy will impact the company’s operations, reputation, and customers’ experiences. OUD House will initiate legal actions and demand compensation according to the law.

Website privacy policy and website content 

This website is the official address of the OUD House brand, bringing the natural essence into your home. Therefore, the company has the right to decide all content, designs, and other information posted on this website.

If there are any unauthorized copying or modifications on the company’s website not carried out by OUD House, the company will take appropriate legal measures to protect its products and the company itself.

Privacy policy for OUD House customers 

When using the company’s products, trusting and choosing us for experiences with nature, finding tranquility in your soul, the company ensures the privacy of all information that customers have provided.

Customers’ information about the products they have used, experiences, and private evaluations shared with OUD House are fully secured. We always believe that customers’ experiences and satisfaction are more valuable than any profits the company achieves!


The above is some basic information related to OUD House’s privacy policy for customers’ reference. Through this policy, we want to convey that the company always strives to perfect its products and services, from the smallest details, to provide you with the best products.