Agarwood bracelet cost is often a common question asked by many customers when considering purchasing this item. The value of each agarwood bracelet is influenced by various factors, such as health benefits, or feng shui uses. Let’s delve into agarwood bracelet pricing through the following article from Oud House.

How much does an agarwood bracelet cost, the factors that determine the price?

In the current market, there are many different types of agarwood available, and each type comes with its price. So, how much does an agarwood bracelet cost, and what factors contribute to its price? Let’s find out the items below:

Factors that determine the price of agarwood bracelet
Factors that determine the price of agarwood bracelet

Factors affecting the price of agarwood bracelets

The price of agarwood bracelets is influenced by various factors, and customers often wonder how much Agarwood bracelet cost. Each agarwood bracelet’s value is determined by a multitude of aspects, including its origin, essential oil content, and aromatic quality. To shed light on the topic of agarwood bracelet cost, let’s explore the following points from Oud House.

Origin and Source

Agarwood bracelets are made from agarwood, and the different types of agarwood have distinct origins, so their value is also different. The Agarwood bracelet cost depends a lot on the origin of the wood from which it is made. Vietnamese agarwood, renowned for its exceptional quality, is considered as one of the best quality agarwood.

Therefore, bracelets made from Vietnamese agarwood are often more expensive compared to other types. Additionally, the geographic location where the agarwood is found plays a role in determining its price. Each province has its unique characteristics and different values of agarwood.

Essential Oil Content

The content of frankincense essential oil in agarwood is another vital factor influencing the value of agarwood bracelets. Bracelets that are larger beads and higher quantities of agarwood will generally be more expensive than those that are light, thin, and have few grains.

Even if it has the same design and model, those with larger beads or more beads will have a higher value. This is due to the more essential oil content in agarwood, resulting in a stronger and more sought-after fragrance.

Scent – A Key Determinant of Price

The scent is a critical factor when evaluating the Agarwood bracelet cost. Agarwood’s aroma typically brings a gentle, soothing scent that benefits the mind and health of the user.

When purchasing an agarwood bracelet, paying attention to its scent is important. Bracelets with richer, delicately lingering fragrances tend to command higher prices. The characteristic aroma of an agarwood bracelet indicates the quality of its essential oils and the careful and elaborate manufacturing process.

Agarwood bracelet cost in the Market

In general, experts categorize agarwood bracelets into different price segments based on their quality, color, and essential oil content. Below are a few price ranges for your reference:

The Value of Ky Nam Bracelet

Ky Nam wood is an extremely rare wood, considered even more valuable than gold. Due to its rarity, bracelets made from Ky Nam wood are also expensive. As for the question of how much does Agarwood bracelet costs, a pure Ky Nam wood bracelet can cost several billion VND.

The Value of Ky Nam Bracelet
The Value of Ky Nam Bracele

The Value of Natural Agarwood Bracelets

Agarwood bracelets, specifically those made from natural agarwood, are widely popular and favored at the current time. The price of agarwood bracelets depends on the quality, ranging from medium to high-end. In the market, the price of agarwood bracelets can range from 700,000 VND to 1,590,000 VND per product, depending on the design, style, soaking time, and weight of the agarwood bracelet.

The Value of Agarwood Bracelet Type I

Agarwood bracelet type I is crafted from agarwood types that have been soaked for 15 to 30 years. The longer the soaking period, the higher the quality and essential oil content in the agarwood bracelet. So, how much does an agarwood bracelet type I cost?

The price of agarwood bracelet type I depends on the quality, quantity of beads, and size of each product. Typically, the price of agarwood bracelet type I can range from 3 million VND to 30 million VND, depending on the factors mentioned above.

The Value of Artificial Agarwood Bracelet

Matching agarwood bracelets, made from synthetic agarwood, have become a popular choice due to the scarcity of natural agarwood. Creating synthetic agarwood is not too difficult, leading to relatively lower prices for synthetic agarwood bracelets. So, how much are artificial agarwood bracelets worth? You can own an artificial agarwood bracelet for just a few hundred thousand dong. These bracelets are currently popular and convenient jewelry today.

Oud House – Affordable Agarwood Bracelets for Sale

Oud House, a prestigious and contemporary establishment, is a trustworthy destination when looking for quality agarwood bracelets. We pledge to abstain from the use of artificial fragrances and additives, ensuring that our products are completely natural and safe for your well-being.

Oud House - Affordable Agarwood Bracelets for Sale
Oud House – Affordable Agarwood Bracelets for Sale

We are proud to bring high-quality agarwood bracelets, suitable for placement in sacred spaces or as gifts for loved ones. Oud House always offers a diverse product portfolio, allowing customers to choose freely according to their preferences and needs. Our production process is meticulous, in order to deliver the finest products to our customers.

With Oud House, you can rest assured that the agarwood bracelet you possess is not only a splendid decorative item but also a unique and meaningful gift. Join us and explore the Agarwood bracelet cost and the splendid world of natural agarwood.


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