What is agarwood used for is always one of the questions that many people are interested in about this special product. Considered the spiritual energy of heaven and earth, it has great meanings in terms of health as well as feng shui. Join Oud House to learn about its wonderful uses in the article!

What is agarwood and its origin?

Agarwood is formed from injured Aquilaria tree trunks. When damaged, the tree trunk will secrete a special resin to heal itself. Over time, this resin will form a surrounding layer of agarwood oil, with a characteristic fragrance.

Agarwood is considered a spiritual energy of heaven and earth with high value, so the price of it is very expensive. Ancient people often used the phrase “suck on wormwood to find agarwood” to talk about the difficulty and danger of obtaining it. The scent of it is very special, considered unique, and difficult to compare with any other scent.

Trầm hương được hình thành từ những thân cây Dó Bầu bị thương
Agarwood is formed from injured Aquilaria tree trunks

What is Agarwood used for – Great uses of it

Since ancient times, agarwood has become an item greatly favored by kings. So what is Agarwood used for? The answer will be revealed by Oud House below:

Great uses of agarwood in feng shui and spirituality

What is agarwood used for in feng shui is always a question that many users are interested in. According to feng shui experts, it is an extremely powerful source of spiritual energy, so it has the effect of stimulating good energy very effectively.

Using agarwood will help ward off bad luck and evil spirits, and attract luck and prosperity to the homeowner. Therefore, more and more people choose this material to display in the living room, workplace, family altar, etc. Besides, accessories made from this material such as necklaces and bracelets have also become an inseparable object for those who do business and trade.

According to popular belief, “the evils come from the mind”, so the mind must be clear and peaceful so that evils will not come and disturb you. Using products from this material will help people refresh their minds, find peace in their souls, and thereby effectively ward off demons from the mind.

Công dụng to lớn của trầm hương trong phong thủy, tâm linh
Great uses of agarwood in feng shui and spirituality

The great uses of agarwood for health

Besides its spiritual meanings, this type of wood also contains great health values. If you don’t know what Agarwood is used for, let us tell you that this item brings great health benefits such as:

  • Helps warm the kidneys, suitable for people with weak kidneys, supports kidney health, and reduces qi,…
  • Helps increase cardiovascular relaxation, and also has a very effective heart support effect.
  • Supports the digestive process, and helps purify and eliminate toxins remaining in the body.
  • Treat symptoms related to the respiratory tract, helping to purify the body.
  • Has the effect of treating diseases related to physiology such as infertility, and weak physiology,…

Extracting perfume and cosmetics from agarwood

Agarwood essential oil contains extremely wonderful antioxidants, so they have the ability to prevent skin aging. Besides, essential oil is currently widely used in the perfume industry. The perfumes extracted from this item are famous for their characteristic warm scent and long-lasting scent.

Trong tinh dầu trầm hương có chứa các chất chống oxy hóa cao
Agarwood essential oil contains high antioxidants

What is it used for in daily life?

  • Used in spiritual items such as incense, and incense buds,…
  • The scent is very rich but not strong, so it is often used to scent the space, helping to relax and comfort the mind. Therefore, people often use it to make products such as frankincense, and essential oil,… These products serve meditation, yoga,… more effectively.
  • Besides, it is also crafted into accessories such as bracelets, necklaces, etc. These types of accessories will help increase the wearer’s prosperity, attract wealth, attract fortune, and attract wealth. luck.
  • It is also crafted into statues and scenes for display at the workplace, helping to increase prosperity in the space around the living area. These items are suitable for people who do business, do business, and trade.


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