The question of what the benefits of agarwood are is always a question many customers ask when they want to purchase this precious item. In addition to being used as jewelry, agarwood is also purchased for various other purposes. Let’s delve into the benefits of agarwood in the following article by Oud House.

Outstanding knowledge of frankincense

This item is inherently not too strange from ancient times to the present. However, not everyone is familiar with or can provide an accurate answer to know precisely what benefits of agarwood.

Agarwood in folklore beliefs

According to the folk concept, agarwood is considered a “Natural Celestial Earthly Essence” as it results from a unique combination of natural celestial essence and wounds on the Aquilaria tree.

Agarwood for folk beliefs
Agarwood for folk beliefs

When the cosmic energy passes through and penetrates the wound, it combines with the tree resin, undergoing a maturation process in the natural environment. It’s further enhanced by sunlight, wind, and nutrients from the earth and sky. This has created Agarwood, a unique spiritual source that nature has given us.

Agarwood in scientific research

Agarwood is an aromatic resin produced by the Aquilaria Crassna tree, commonly known as the Agarwood tree. This tree often grows naturally in the forests of central Vietnam. When the Aquilaria tree is damaged by natural elements like storms, wind, or insects, it will protect and heal itself by secreting a healing resin.

Through the process of natural elements from the earth and the tree’s resin, Agarwood gradually forms after a long time of development.

What are the benefits of agarwood in terms of feng shui?

Agarwood incense is not only used in Vietnam but also in many countries around the world such as China, Japan, Taiwan, and the Arab nations, from thousands of years ago. When asked about the benefits of agarwood, people immediately think of using it for aromatherapy and creating Feng Shui to bring luck and solve negativity.

Every individual, object, and living space has an energy represented by the Bovis Energy Index. Items like gemstones, precious wood, and Agarwood have high Bovis Energy Index values and are considered Feng Shui items. This Energy stat can change based on many factors.

What are  the benefits of frankincense in terms of feng shui?
What are the benefits of frankincense in terms of feng shui?

Energy can also transfer from places with high energy to those with low energy. Based on this principle, Feng Shui items are used to decorate homes and workplaces to activate energy within spaces, making them harmonious, vibrant, and, in turn, inviting luck and favorably. Following this principle, people often burn Agarwood to remove negative energy, and bad vibes, and invite good luck. Today, Vietnamese Agarwood is crafted into bracelets, necklaces, and other accessories, not only serving as jewelry but also harnessing Feng Shui effects. This is the answer to what effect frankincense has in feng shui people often wonder.

What effects does Agarwood have on human health?

Agarwood carries mild properties, a distinctive bitter taste, and a characteristic aroma. It has been employed in traditional medicine and used in many herbal remedies to treat various diseases. There are several significant health benefits of Agarwood:

  • Kidney supplement: Agarwood has the ability to tonify the kidneys, reduce excessive qi, warm the kidneys, and strengthen the body’s vital energy. It is used in medicines for individuals with weak kidneys and urinary issues.
  • Cardiovascular support: Frankincense supports the heart, dilates blood vessels, and helps maintain the stability of the cardiovascular system.
    What are the benefits of agarwood on human health?
    What are the benefits of agarwood on human health?
    • Digestion: Frankincense helps in body detoxification and purification, simultaneously supporting the digestive process and enhancing intestinal health.
    • Pain Relief: Agarwood has analgesic effects and is used to treat symptoms like headaches, chest tightness, and breathlessness.
    • Enhancing Vitality: Agarwood is used in the remedy of physiological weakness and helps to increase the body’s vitality.
    • Treatment of asthma, coughing, and nausea.

    What are the effects of precious ingredients of Agarwood? The beneficial components of Agarwood are mainly found in its essential oil and are commonly used in powdered or ground form rather than ingested. Pregnant women should be careful when using products containing Agarwood.

    In conclusion

    Through this article, we have helped you understand the benefits of Agarwood. This item holds substantial health benefits, including kidneys tonic, cardiovascular support, digestion, pain relief, vitality augmentation, and the treatment of various ailments. 

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