Women’s Agarwood Bracelets are among the favorite jewelry items cherished by many ladies. Not only because of their beautiful color but also for being believed to bring luck and protect the wearer from negative energies. Let’s explore the secrets of selecting Women’s Agarwood Bracelets through the following article.

Choosing Women’s Agarwood Bracelets Based on Astrological Compatibility

Each individual has a unique astrological profile, and these fates correspond to different colors. Understanding your zodiac sign and the suitable colors is crucial when acquiring Feng Shui items. Selecting the right color that aligns with your zodiac sign can bring luck, peace and good fortune to women.

How to choose Women's Agarwood Bracelet according to element
How to choose Women’s Agarwood Bracelet according to element

Bracelets with agarwood for women with the Metal element

Metal element originates from earth and stone, making it suitable for Feng Shui bracelets made from natural materials like agarwood and precious stones. Women with a Metal element often possess strength and decisiveness; hence, simple colored bracelets will suit them very well.

According to the Five Elements theory, the Metal element is born from Earth’s element. Therefore, you can also choose bracelets with earthy colors, such as dark brown of Garnet, yellow of yellow quartz, and white jade. These bracelet designs are excellent choices to enhance positive energy and balance vitality force for those with a Metal element.

Agarwood bracelets for women with Wood element

Women with a Wood element usually exhibit careful and thoughtful, always concerned about those around them. However, internally, they maintain themselves pure and there is no competition or delusion.

According to the Five Elements theory, Wood destiny nurtures the Water element. This means that Feng Shui bracelets suitable for those with a Wood destiny will be harmonious with the Water element. Types of bracelets such as 108 beads agarwood bracelet, aquamarine, smoky quartz, and green jade will be great choices for them. These Women’s Agarwood Bracelets designs not only create balance and harmony but also bring luck and prosperity to their lives.

Agarwood bracelets for women with Water element in Feng Shui

Women under the Water element often possess wisdom and intelligence. However, they also often have difficulty seizing opportunities and achieving success. To overcome this situation, they can choose for suitable Feng Shui agarwood bracelets.

Water element nurtures Metal one, or you can also select colors compatible with the Water element. Here are some suggestions for Feng Shui Women’s Agarwood Bracelets for those with a Water element: agarwood bracelet with Pixiu charm, moss quartz, blue chalcedony, labradorite, etc.

Agarwood bracelets for women with Fire element in Feng Shui

Individuals with a Fire element usually possess strong, dynamic personalities, and always bring positivity to those around them. However, they also tend to be temperamental, and Feng Shui bracelets are an excellent choice to temper this aspect.

In contrast to the Water element, people with a Fire element are often gentle, soothing, and well-liked. Feng Shui agarwood bracelet suitable for Fire element includes high-quality agarwood bracelets, citrine, and red agate. These bracelet designs not only bring stability and peace but also assist in building a solid foundation and achieving success in life.

Selecting the right Women’s Agarwood Bracelets

The best number of beads for a female Feng Shui agarwood bracelet falls under the “Birth” and “Elder” categories. These numbers bring luck and attract positive energy into life. For example, the numbers: 13, 14, 17, 18, 21, 22, 25, etc. However, avoid buying bracelets with bead counts divisible by 4, as they fall under the “Death” category and can yield danger to the owner.

Experience in choosing the number of beads for Women's Agarwood Bracelet
Experience in choosing the number of beads for the Women’s Agarwood Bracelets

Numbers falling in the sign of the “Elder” have the effect of supporting health and helping to prolong life. Additionally, choosing an odd number of beads is also beneficial, as they carry the Yang energy and good aura. 

Feng Shui agarwood bracelets with appropriate bead counts will bring a fulfilled and peaceful life, creating favorable conditions for finances and luck.

Reliable and Quality Women’s Agarwood Bracelets at Oud House

Oud House is a leading provider specializing in Women’s Agarwood Bracelets of advanced and modern quality. We take pride in offering customers pure, natural, and unique agarwood products. Each agarwood bracelet from Oud House is meticulously crafted, ensuring a fresh and sweet fragrance.

Prestigious and quality female agarwood bracelet at Oud-House
Prestigious and quality female agarwood bracelet at Oud-House

We always ensure the safety and health of our users first. Oud House products do not contain fragrances or harmful additives. We are committed to providing customers with safe and environmentally friendly products.

Furthermore, we understand that each person has their own element and preferences when it comes to choosing agarwood bracelets. Therefore, Oud House offers a diverse range of Women’s Agarwood Bracelets suitable for various Feng Shui elements. Customers can comfortably choose their favorite agarwood bracelet designs that align with their needs.


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