Proper preservation of agarwood is an important factor that significantly influences the quality of the product over time. As agarwood is increasingly utilized in jewelry and feng shui items, effective preservation becomes essential. Let’s find out the most accurate Ways to Preserve Agarwood in this article by Oud House.

Understanding the Characteristics of Agarwood

Before learning more about how to preserve Agarwood, it’s important to understand the characteristics of this item. Agarwood is formed through a unique combination of essential oils and the wood of the Aquilaria crassna tree. The process of creating agarwood takes place through the accumulation and dispersion of oils into the surrounding areas, lasting for decades.

The characteristics of frankincense
The characteristics of frankincense

Because the process of creating agarwood demands an extended period of time and significant effort, it has become a rare and precious item. The weight of agarwood becomes heavier the older it is. The fragrance of agarwood exudes a gentle and refreshing quality. When ignited, it gives a comforting sensation and helps relieve stress.

The color of agarwood is shown through alternating dark and light wood grains. Over time, the color of agarwood gradually fades, depending on its age. It’s important to be aware of these properties in order to preserve agarwood effectively.

Characteristics of Used Frankincense

Different types of agarwood require varying preservation methods. During usage, agarwood also has obvious changes in quality, as follows:

Alteration in External Appearance

Agarwood is quite fragile and can easily crack when stabbed by a hard object, affecting its overall beauty. 

In particular, agarwood bracelets, and necklaces, due to contact with sweat, may lose their luster, and color might fade. If the type of agarwood contains little oil, the outer surface might become rough, and wood fibers may become ruffled.

Changes in the Scent of Agarwood

The scent of agarwood is a significant factor that many people are interested in. However, when used for a long time, this product may lose its initial scent due to poor quality or picking up odors from other items. This depends on the extent of odor absorption and the quality of the agarwood.

If the agarwood is of good quality and minimally affected by external odors, it usually takes a short time for the product to return to its original scent. However, for lower-quality agarwood or when heavily affected by other sources, the process of restoring the original scent may take longer. This aspect also affects the way of preserving agarwood more or less.

Effective Ways to Preserve Agarwood

Effective Ways to Preserve Agarwood
Effective Ways to Preserve Agarwood

Preserving agarwood bracelets requires more careful handling than other types of products. High-quality and rare agarwood types require specific preservation methods to prevent the loss of scent and its original value over time. Below are some effective ways to preserve agarwood that you should know.

Avoid Prolonged Exposure to Water

Agarwood, like other types of wood, when wet, will affect the wood grain. Over time, agarwood fibers can become dull and lose their original shine, no longer as beautiful as before and this also affects its scent.

If your agarwood becomes accidentally wet, you can gently dry it. Afterward, use a slight towel to gently rub the agarwood’s surface for about 15-20 minutes. This will help restore the product’s shine and restore the original scent.

Avoid Contact with Chemicals

To preserve agarwood bracelets and maintain their long-lasting fragrance, limit the use of scented chemicals such as fabric softeners, perfumes, and similar products. Frankincense only emits a delicate aroma when it comes into contact with your skin.

Regular exposure to these chemicals can replace the natural fragrance of frankincense with the scent of those chemicals. To retain the natural and distinctive fragrance of agarwood, limit exposure to odorous chemicals and increase skin contact to prolong the agarwood’s fragrance. This is one of the most important ways to preserve agarwood, it requires careful consideration.

Limit scratches

To keep the agarwood bracelet shiny and pristine, avoid contact with sharp and hard objects that can scratch the chain. Otherwise, you’ll notice that your agarwood bracelet getting worse and losing its original value. Protecting and avoiding damage to your bracelet is the best way to ensure its beauty and value over the long term. Pay attention to how you preserve frankincense to ensure that the product can be used for a long time.

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Prestigious and quality Agarwood at Oud-House
Prestigious and quality Agarwood at Oud-House

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