Derived from the purest essence of the Aquilaria crassna tree, agarwood incense is likened to celestial treasures, connecting with the spiritual realm. It’s no coincidence that frankincense has often been considered a precious offering to ancient kings and rulers. Therefore, the way to burn incense sticks should also adhere to Feng Shui principles to achieve the best possible results.

Derived from the most exquisite elements of the agarwood tree
Derived from the most exquisite elements of the agarwood tree

The meaning of Agarwood Incense in Daily Life

Carefully crafted through each meticulous step by the skillful hands of agarwood artisans, agarwood incense is born. Agarwood powder is ground from agarwood timber, incubated with pure filtered water, shaped, and then sun-dried naturally. Therefore, the method of burning agarwood incense is crucial, and the incense itself must reach the highest quality before being delivered to the customer.

The Spiritual Significance of Agarwood Incense

Revered as the ‘Scent of the Buddha’ in Buddhism, incense is commonly used in significant ceremonial offerings. The pure scent of agarwood guides individuals toward virtue, steering them away from mundane pleasures and low temptations.

The Feng Shui Aspect of frankincense Incense

According to Feng Shui beliefs, burning frankincense incense can attract wealth, and prosperity, and bring good luck to the household. This is why nowadays, burning incense has become an indispensable part of every family.

Agarwood, with its pure fragrance that lingers in the living space, purifies the soul. It can also ward off negative energies and maintain a balanced positive atmosphere within your home.

Agarwood with its pure fragrance, leaving a long-lasting aroma
Agarwood with its pure fragrance, leaves a long-lasting aroma

Agarwood Incense and Its Impact on Health

Devotees of ‘rewarding with agarwood’ have often shared that the fragrance of frankincense incense travels through the olfactory senses to the human nervous system, helping them relax and delve into a deep sleep. Many of them confirm that regular burning of incense brings about significant improvements in health.

According to Eastern Medicine, agarwood is considered a precious medicinal substance. It possesses gentle, aromatic, and pungent qualities. Agarwood has become popular for its ability to regulate respiratory and digestive systems, warm the kidneys, strengthen vital essences, and treat conditions such as breathlessness and asthma. Notably, it aids in treating headaches, alleviating fatigue and stress, and improving sleep.

Sharing about how to burn incense from OUD House Artisans

There are numerous ways to burn frankincense incense, which might be familiar to avid ‘agarwood enthusiasts.’ However, not everyone knows how to take advantage of the benefits of these methods. Here are some techniques for burning agarwood incense from OUD House artisans that you can consider.

Ways to burn incense from OUD House artisans
Ways to burn incense from OUD House artisans

Burning Agarwood Incense Sticks

Agarwood incense sticks are used on a daily basis or during festive occasions. This type of incense is directly burned, allowing its fragrant smoke to mingle with the enchanting plumes. The gentle, sweet fragrance and dignified smoke carry prayers to the spiritual realm, conveying wishes for family peace and smooth sailing.

Burning Agarwood Coil Incense

Agarwood coil incense is often used in spiritual places such as temples and shrines. It’s directly ignited with a slow-burning design, maximizing its effect of maintaining the sacred place’s coziness.

Using a Specialized Electric Incense Burner

This method is efficient and user-friendly. Simply place the agarwood into the designated chamber of the incense burner, adjust the temperature and timing settings, and let the burner work its magic. This way of burning will save materials and extend the burning time up to 8 hours while still keeping the purest aroma.

Using Smoky Cascade Agarwood Incense

Based on personal preferences, agarwood enthusiasts can enjoy agarwood in a refined manner by using agarwood waterfall. Resembling a yet-to-blossom lotus combined with the downward flowing agarwood smoke, when placed atop a cascade holder, it will create a beautiful floating cloud waterfall.

Position the bud incense on top of the holder, burn the top of the incense, and burn it, the smoke will gently cascade downward, and it will hang around at the foot of the tower like a fairy scene.

The agarwood smoke will spread like a realm of enchantment
The agarwood smoke will spread like a realm of enchantment

How to use frankincense incense safely

When burning or using frankincense incense, it’s recommended to utilize accompanying specialized accessories to ensure the safety of users. This approach can help limit fire and explosion and bring high aesthetics.

In the current market, there are many places that offer poor-quality frankincense incense at high prices. Therefore, it’s advisable to purchase from reputable sources to avoid unfortunate cases.

At OUD House, our skilled artisans and craftsmen are committed to providing products crafted from natural materials and ensuring they are safe for daily use. We understand the importance of quality and safety, so you can trust our offerings.

Please note that safety precautions when using any kind of incense are essential, including keeping an eye on open flames and ensuring proper ventilation.


This article has provided detailed information about agarwood incense and the most effective methods of burning it from experts. From these insights, users can now employ various agarwood enjoyment techniques with the utmost effectiveness.


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