With a beautiful, colorful appearance and not-too-expensive price, Thai agarwood buds are gradually becoming popular and widely used in the Vietnamese market. Bringing many unique floral scents that make customers curious and excited to experiment. So is this type of agarwood really good and should you use it or not?

Mang đến nhiều mùi hương hoa cỏ độc lạ
Brings many unique floral scents

What are Thai agarwood buds and where does it originate?

Like other types of agarwood, Thai agarwood buds are made from the flowers of a tree belonging to the agarwood family, Aquilaria crassna according to scientific nomenclature. This type of agarwood has a very characteristic scent and is used quite commonly in art and religious rituals.

Artisans craft Thai agarwood incense buds from agarwood powder with glue and shape them into the shape of unopened lotus buds. However, the unique point of this type of agarwood bud is that there are many colors, along with each color there is a different floral scent such as cherry blossoms, lavender, orchids, lemongrass, and wood…

Loại trầm này có mùi hương rất đặc trưng
This type of agarwood has a very characteristic scent

Origin of Thai agarwood buds

Thai agarwood buds are imported directly from the Golden Temple country, which is highly appreciated for its consumer health care products. However, this type of agarwood tree is actually very difficult to find in Asia, especially in Thailand. They can only be found in old forests in Thailand and in very small quantities.

Therefore, Thai agarwood products are mainly derived from cultivated agarwood and engineered agarwood. With a small output and a lot of finished products sold, Thai agarwood incense buds have not actually been tested for health safety.

Outstanding characteristics of Thai agarwood

Becoming one of the most popular imported agarwood incense lines in Vietnam today, Thai agarwood buds have a number of extremely outstanding characteristics.

Trở thành một trong những dòng nhang trầm du nhập phổ biến
Becoming one of the most popular imported incense lines

The colors are very diverse

The most different point of Thai agarwood incense buds is the color. As for Vietnamese agarwood buds, their color tends towards dark brown. Because they contain abundant essential oils extracted 100% from pure agarwood powder combined with Litsea glue for adhesion.

As for Thai agarwood incense buds, they are sold on the market in a variety of colors: green, red, purple, yellow, pink, brown… It is known that each color corresponds to a distinct floral scent.

Rich in scent

Currently, this type of Thai agarwood has more than 30 different scents. Unlike the natural scent of Vietnamese agarwood, which has a pure, gentle, and warm scent, Thai agarwood buds also have the scent of lavender, orchids, jasmine, lemongrass, sandalwood… In addition, mix in some rich flavors like vanilla candy, and different synthetic mixes.

This proves that Thai agarwood products are crafted with many aromas.

The price is not expensive

Unlike the expensive price of common Vietnamese agarwood buds, customers only need to spend 45,000 – 80,000 VND to own a package of 100 colorful agarwood incense sticks.

Chỉ cần bỏ ra số tiền ít ỏi đã có thể sở hữu gói nhang trầm nụ với đủ sắc màu
Just spend a small amount of money and you can own a package of incense sticks with many colors

This type of agarwood is also sold freely on e-commerce platforms. With a relatively low price, not to mention the cost of shipping from Thailand to Vietnam, it shows that the quality of the product has never been verified.

Are Thai agarwood buds worth experiencing?

The question is whether to use Thai agarwood products or not. In essence, this agarwood bud is composed mainly of flavorings, with the color diversity certainly coming from food coloring. Proving that they are completely unsafe for users’ health.

Việc ngửi mùi hương trầm này thường xuyên có thể gây nên những mầm bệnh
Smelling this incense regularly can cause diseases

Regularly smelling this incense can cause pathogens that we are unaware of, and over time accumulate into dangerous diseases related to the respiratory tract, heart, and human brain.

Furthermore, this agarwood bud product is mainly sold on e-commerce platforms of unknown origin, so the quality of the product cannot be guaranteed. Currently, there has not been any competent authority issuing licenses for products from this Golden Temple country.


The above article provides detailed information about Thai agarwood buds so that customers can distinguish and learn. Hopefully through this, you will understand the nature of the product and choose for yourself reputable agarwood from Vietnam. Coming to OUD HOUSE, proud to be Vietnam’s leading brand, we are committed to bringing you reputable services with the best quality.



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