Taboos when wearing Agarwood bracelets refer to actions that the owner should avoid. Agarwood bracelets are considered Feng Shui jewelry items nowadays and are commonly worn, leading to some of these taboos being gradually forgotten. Therefore, in the following article, Oud House will help you summarize the most comprehensive list of dos and don’ts when wearing agarwood bracelets.

Taboos when wearing Agarwood bracelets that you must not follow

For a long time, agarwood bracelets have been seen as items that bring prosperity, luck, and peace to the owner. Hence, here are the Taboos when wearing agarwood bracelets that you should not commit if you want to be counterproductive:

Don’t wear a agarwood bracelet if you don’t believe in its effects

The Agarwood bracelet is not only a piece of jewelry but also carries a deep meaning in terms of Feng Shui and spirituality. Wearing an agarwood bracelet daily can bring numerous benefits to your mental and physical health.

Do not wear agarwood bracelet if you do not believe in its effects
Do not wear an agarwood bracelet if you do not believe in its effects

However, what’s important is that you should not underestimate or disbelieve in the effects of frankincense bracelets. In case you don’t fully understand the spiritual significance of the bracelet or misunderstand it, this could affect the effect of the bracelet on your body. This is also one of the taboos when wearing agarwood bracelets that you should pay attention to the most.

To wear an agarwood bracelet correctly, learn carefully about the effects and meanings of each type of agarwood bracelet. This will help you receive the best energy source and take advantage of the benefits that the agarwood bracelet brings. Respect and use the agarwood bracelet properly, and always maintain faith and understanding of the spiritual aspect of the bracelet you are wearing.

Agarwood bracelets should not be cleaned regularly

Agarwood bracelets are not only Feng Shui jewelry but also have the ability to purify and absorb negative energy. This means that the agarwood bracelet will absorb and remove negative energies from the wearer. This is one of the taboos when wearing agarwood Bracelets that people often fall into.

Therefore, it is very important to perform purification for agarwood bracelets. Through meditation, clearing them periodically, or using other methods, you can renew and purify the natural energy source of the bracelet. This makes the bracelet function more effectively and ensures that the accumulated energy within the bracelet remains positive.

Even if you don’t wear the agarwood bracelet regularly, you should do a routine cleansing at least once a month. This improves your luck and attracts wealth. You can use the smoke of frankincense, listen to meditation music, or recite chants to create pure sounds and effectively remove impurities from the agarwood bracelet. Listen, and stay away from taboos when wearing agarwood bracelets if you want to avoid a reversal of fortune.

Things Need To Do When Wearing Agarwood Bracelets

In addition to noting Taboos When Wearing agarwood Bracelets, you also need to know a few best experiences for wearing agarwood bracelets as mentioned below.

Những điều bạn cần làm khi đeo vòng trầm hương

Choosing the Agarwood Bracelet Suitable for Your Purpose

Agarwood bracelets are Feng Shui jewelry pieces with deep significance and have various styles and designs for you to choose from. Depending on the purpose of use, you can choose a agarwood bracelet that suits your needs and stay away from the taboos when wearing it:

  • 108-bead Agarwood Bracelet: This type of bracelet is suitable for those who want to practice meditation, seek peace, and spirituality. The 108 beads bracelet is often used when visiting temples or performing in religious ceremonies.
  • 17-bead Agarwood Bracelet: This is a popular agarwood bracelet design suitable for both men and women. With a simple and gentle design, this product is worn daily to attract luck and favorable outcomes in all endeavors.
  • 54-bead Agarwood Bracelet: This bracelet represents the 54 stages of a Bodhisattva’s cultivation process. This bracelet is often combined with different charms, creating a unique design. It’s suitable for wearing as a jewelry piece, bringing prosperity and luck to the wearer.

Choose the Right Number of Beads for The Purpose

According to Feng Shui beliefs, when choosing an agarwood bracelet, you should avoid bracelets with a number of beads divisible by 4. Instead, the option for bracelets with a number of beads divisible by 4 plus one left over, such as numbers 13, 17, 25, and so on.

This is because wearing an agarwood bracelet with a number of beads not divisible by 4 is considered to bring luck and fortune. On the contrary, numbers divisible by 4 are believed to bring misfortune and bad luck. Therefore, to ensure the best for your fortune and prosperity, choose agarwood bracelets with the appropriate number of beads following this rule. And most especially, stay away from taboos when wearing agarwood bracelets.

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