Real agarwood incense is one of the products from agarwood that is sought after by agarwood fans. However, if not careful, customers will likely buy poor-quality products in the market of countless agarwood models. Join OUD HOUSE to learn and immediately grasp the experience of buying reputable incense.

Kinh nghiệm chọn mua nhang trầm đúng chuẩn
Experience in buying standard incense sticks

3 popular types of agarwood incense on the market

Made from 100% natural agarwood powder, artisans from OUD House have crafted them with the adhesion of Litsea glue, thereby creating different types of incense.

Agarwood incense sticks and non-stick

With its pure, gentle scent, incense sticks are often used in solemn places or important worship rituals. The scent of real incense will help people move towards goodness, away from worldly pleasures and vile temptations.

Mang lại sự ấm cúng và thanh lọc không gian sống
Brings warmth and purification to the living space

The special thing about this type of incense is that the powder is woven into a stick shape, creating the shape of an incense stick but without the bamboo core inside. This helps the scent of it to be the purest, not mixed with the smell of bamboo stick smoke.

Coil incense

Coil incense which is molded and shaped into a circular swirl. This design has the advantage of keeping the burning time longer, thereby bringing warmth and purification to the living space.

Agarwood incense in cone form

This is considered the most popular type of incense, because of its small appearance like a lotus bud that has not yet bloomed, cone incense is “sought after” by real “agarwood lovers”.

Hương thơm từ nhang trầm hương nụ nhẹ nhàng, ngọt ngào
The scent from agarwood cone incense is gentle and sweet

Although it has a small shape, the level of fragrance of this type of incense makes users feel happy. Often used with waterfall holders, the fragrance from agarwood cone incense is gentle, sweet, and pure. Brings relaxation and peace to the living space.

6 experiences in distinguishing real agarwood incense

To be able to immerse yourself in the most exquisite moments of enjoying agarwood, you should distinguish how to choose the right one.

Color recognition

Made from 100% agarwood pulp and natural binders, real incense will have a dark brown color due to the abundant amount of essential oils in agarwood. In fact, the more essential oils agarwood incense has, the darker the brown color; the brown-colored type will have less essential oils.

The color of fake incense will be an artificial bright yellow. Experts must be so familiar with the properties of agarwood that by looking at them with the naked eye, they can recognize the difference in which type of incense does not contain agarwood essential oil.

Fragrance from incense

There is a saying, “Calamity is man’s true touchstone”, and the same goes for real agarwood incense. When burned, it will carry a gentle, sweet, warm, and light scent. On the contrary, the smell of fake incense will have a burning smell of chemical ingredients and is extremely difficult to smell.

Real incense often has a gentle scent, giving people a feeling of relaxation. However, the smell of fake ones will have a strong smell and also create a headache due to the ingredients possibly from sugarcane bagasse mixed with toxic saw powder.

Incense smoke when burned

The smoke of real incense sticks, when burned, will waft gently, floating in the air like a magical cloud. The burning time of it is also slower than that of fake ones.

In contrast to the comfort that real incense brings, the smoke from fake ones will be denser, causing discomfort, stinging eyes, and itchy noses for users. In particular, they are very sensitive for people with sinusitis.

Khói của nhang trầm bay bổng trong không khí như một thác mây huyền ảo
The smoke of incense floats in the air like a magical clouds

Ashes of agarwood incense

Real incense with completely natural ingredients and not mixed with any impurities to shape the incense sticks. Therefore, when burned, it will fall into ashes, on the contrary, the ashes of fake incense will create beautiful curves due to the amount of chemicals.

Price of incense

“You get what you pay for” is an accurate saying with incense more than anything. Price is the most honest assessment of the quality of real and fake incense. In general, the price of real incense ranges from 70,000 VND – 140,000 VND for a box of about 50-100 sticks of incense.

It is not natural that agarwood is considered a “pleasure” of the upper class because real agarwood incense will have a quite high price compared to regular incense. If the price is too cheap, it is very likely that it is fake incense.


Currently, fake incense sticks masquerading as real agarwood incense sticks are being widely sold on the market. That’s why customers should choose products from reputable establishments. Coming to OUD House – a brand with many years of experience in making agarwood that is trusted by many people, committed to bringing customers truly standard incense products at the most competitive prices on the market.



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