Pi Xiu agarwood bracelet is probably a piece of jewelry that is no longer strange to many people who believe in feng shui. Unique jewelry, agarwood bracelet with charms. Pi Xiu is known as the god of fortune. That’s why the attraction of agarwood bracelets with Pixiu attached is great, however, not everyone knows much about the meaning and usage of this type of bracelet. Let’s learn more about this bracelet with OUD HOUSE!

A few details about the Pi Xiu agarwood bracelet

For those who believe in spirituality, the Pi Xiu agarwood bracelet is probably a very popular feng shui gift. According to legend, Pi Xiu is the 9th child of the dragon species with a beautiful and luxurious appearance that is rare for any dragon to have.

However, this animal did not have an anus so it died within a few days. The Jade Emperor was moved and appointed Pi Xiu as the mascot that keeps money and luck for the heavens. The special thing about the Pi Xiu bracelet is that it is not only a spiritual mascot with the task of protecting the homeowner, but it is also a type of jewelry that exudes elegance and prominence.

Giới thiệu đôi nét về vòng tay trầm hương Tỳ Hưu
Introducing a few details about the Pi Xiu agarwood bracelet

5 reasons why businessmen should choose Pi Xiu agarwood bracelets

If you are a business person, you definitely should not miss the Pi Xiu bracelet, this is always the jewelry used by many businessmen. Below we will give 5 reasons why you should use Pi Xiu bracelets:

Luck and fortune

In general, the Pi Xiu agarwood bracelet will bring the user luck and fortune. At casinos in Hong Kong, this mascot is commonly displayed because it brings money and shows the user’s class. Pi Xiu bracelets made of gold are also known as a type of jewelry that shows the class and status of the homeowner.

In spiritual religions, agarwood is used quite commonly. When reading scriptures, Buddhists often use agarwood beads. In addition, wearing an agarwood bracelet will always remind the homeowner to always maintain their spirituality.

Sự may mắn và tài lộc
Luck and fortune

Repelling negative energy and avoiding evil

According to folklore, agarwood bracelets with Pi Xiu attached also have the effect of repelling ghosts and evil spirits. Those who learn about feng shui can place the Pi Xiu mascot in well-cleared directions in the house.

For business people who often have to travel far and often go through places with heavy negative energy and very bad feng shui, the Pi Xiu bracelet is the best choice. In addition to helping homeowners ward off evil and demons, this feng shui jewelry also brings players luck and fortune.

Feng shui jewelry represents luxury and class

For businessmen who often have to receive guests and meet partners, appearance is very important. Therefore, if you want to have a neat appearance that exudes luxury and elegance, feng shui jewelry is quite necessary. External appearance is also a plus point that makes a strong impression on partners.

Especially when businessmen wear suits and Pi Xiu agarwood bracelets, it is the perfect combination. With the attraction coming from a gentleman, it is difficult for any girl to resist.

Resolving the “Five Emperors Great Murder”

According to feng shui experts, the “Five Emperors Great Murder” is one of the extremely bad stars in the feng shui world. People who are influenced by this bad star will encounter many misfortunes, especially the fortunes and health of everyone in the family.

However, Pi Xiu is the enemy of this star, it will help the homeowner protect all family members from the influence of the “Five Emperors Great Murder”. Feng shui bracelets are an extremely harmonious combination of feng shui jewelry.

Hóa giải “Ngũ hoàng đại sát”
Resolving the “Five Emperors Great Murder”

Health benefits

Health is probably the most important thing for every person because if you have health, you have everything. If you want a better life with money and status, health is indispensable. In particular, the Pi Xiu agarwood bracelet is a type of jewelry that makes the homeowner feel mentally comfortable when using it.

Agarwood has always been a fragrant, suffocating, and valuable wood that greatly affects the health of the user. Its effect is to repel wind and circulate blood to improve health. In addition, the scent of agarwood will help the user as well as those around them feel extremely refreshed and reduce stress quite well.


This article has all the information we want to send about the Pi Xiu agarwood bracelet. If you are a person who believes in feng shui, you should immediately own this bracelet to help yourself feel even more refreshed and mentally more comfortable!



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