Nowadays, we can see people looking to buy Mat Tu agarwood bracelets. In fact, what kind of miracle drug is this that is so sought after? This article will share with you what Mat Tu agarwood is. The main use of this type of agarwood bracelet? What types of agarwood bracelets are currently the hottest and most sought-after? Learn about it with OUD HOUSE!

Find out what Mat Tu agarwood is

Mat Tu agarwood bracelet is made from the branches and eyes of the Aquilaria tree. Due to the impact of natural conditions such as broken branches, insect bites, dead branches… With appropriate conditions, agarwood will accumulate right at those locations and form agarwood.

Trầm mắt tử - tinh dầu quý hiếm
Mat Tu agarwood – rare essential oil

In particular, the Mat Tu agarwood bracelet is the stringing of those eyes and forming a bracelet. A ring consists of many eyes, so it takes a long accumulation process to complete. A tree sometimes only has a few agarwoods so they are very rare and sought after. Therefore, the value of this agarwood bracelet is very high.

The larger the Mat Tu agarwood, the more essential oil it contains. So people often find large-sized Mat Tu agarwood in large trees. However, there are blocks of agarwood that are submerged, so finding them is difficult.

Typical uses of the Mat Tu agarwood bracelet

Mat Tu agarwood has such high value, what is its main use? Why do people hunt for agarwood and sell it at extremely high prices? Below are some of the main uses of agarwood.

Công dụng chính của vòng trầm mắt tử
The main use of the Mat Tu agarwood bracelet

For health

This type of bracelet contains many natural essential oils and a gentle fragrance. The main effect is to help the human mind relax, feel comfortable, and reduce stress. For people who are often under pressure from work and life, this essential oil is an effective solution.

In addition, the precious nutrients in agarwood also help the body become more comfortable and help regulate blood… Their scent also helps you purify the air, and remove the smell of body sweat, and the musty smell in the room…

Mat Tu agarwood has elements of feng shui and spirituality

Because it took a long time to form, in terms of spiritual factors, Mat Tu agarwood carries a strong source of natural energy.  It helps you repel negative energy and bad luck in life. Bring more luck and peace if you buy the right agarwood in accordance with feng shui.

Some other uses of Mat Tu agarwood

In addition to the health and feng shui benefits mentioned above. Mat Tu agarwood is also popular for many other uses. For example, used to produce burning agarwood and agarwood powder or make extremely unique accessories…

3 types of Mat tu agarwood bracelets are popular today

You can read advertisements that there are many types of Mat Tu agarwood. However, there are only 3 types of it that are hunted today. Let’s explore these 3 types of bracelets.

Ba loại trầm mắt tử hiện nay
There are three types of Mat Tu  agarwood

Natural Mat Tu agarwood

Natural Mat Tu agarwood will undergo little physical impact or technical processing. Therefore, the essential oil content in agarwood will not be affected or degraded. They still retain their inherent natural uses with a gentle fragrance. In addition, the color of natural agarwood is also uniform and more sturdy to the touch.

Mat Tu agarwood is used to cook into oil

For Mat Tu agarwood that does not form bracelets, it will be used to cook into oil. They will be pressed with a press and produce bottles of pure oil. However, one thing that can be confirmed is that its scent will not be as fragrant as the natural one.

In addition, this type of scent does not last long, the color is uneven and has scratches and even cracks. Therefore, if you want a higher quality type, you should choose a natural type that has not been processed much.

Fake Mat Tu agarwood for sale

With such high value, owning Mat Tu agarwood is something not everyone can do. Therefore, users will need to look for fake and poor-quality products. Fake agarwood will be made from the trunk of the Aquilaria tree or some other trees. Then it is marinated with chemicals and a little aroma of agarwood.

This type has an extremely cheap price, some places sell it for only 1/10 of natural agarwood. Therefore, the scent of the fake type will be harsh, and unpleasant and easily fade away. If you use this type for a long time, it can affect your health.


The Mat Tu agarwood bracelet and information about the Mat Tu agarwood have been shared through the above article. Hopefully, this data will help you better understand this rare essential oil. Be a smart consumer and choose reputable agarwood.



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