Why is it itching when wearing agarwood bracelet? is a question that many people are interested in. Because they have a great impact on consumers’ health. Nowadays, there are many people wearing agarwood bracelets but do not know what their real use is. Therefore, when encountering the problem of itchy skin, you don’t know how to handle it. This article will help answer your questions about agarwood bracelets.

Learn about agarwood bracelets and their uses

Agarwood bracelets are a popular type of bracelet and are sought after by many people to wear. This is a very good feng shui bracelet, so everyone wants to be able to own a quality bracelet. This bracelet’s main ingredient is agarwood which accumulates in Aquilaria trees.

To be able to get the materials to create a complete bracelet takes a lot of time. Because the Aquilaria tree trunk accumulates sediment for quite a long time. Many people also believe that this is the essence of heaven and earth converging in it, so their value is highly appreciated.

Vòng trầm và công dụng vòng trầm hương
Learn about agarwood bracelets and their uses

Because of such great feng shui meaning, this type of bracelet is increasingly popular. Many people believe that they can bring luck and fortune and are used to ward off evil spirits.

In addition to its feng shui significance, agarwood bracelets also have extremely good effects on health. Agarwood essential oil will help you feel relaxed and reduce stress and fatigue. In addition, they also help regulate blood circulation, help you sleep better and deeper, and are very effective when meditating.

The cause of itching when wearing agarwood bracelet

We can see the extremely wonderful uses of the agarwood bracelet. However, currently, there are some people experiencing itching when wearing agarwood bracelet. This is a bad sign if you encounter them. Below are 3 causes of this problem.

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Explanation of why wearing agarwood bracelet causes itching

Itching when wearing agarwood bracelet due to physical problems

This type of ring does not use preservatives or any added ingredients when manufacturing. Therefore they do not have a negative effect on your health. If wearing an agarwood bracelet causes itching, the cause may be because your body is not compatible with the type of wood or essential oils in this.

Especially if your skin is sensitive, when you first wear this type of bracelet, it will cause itching, redness, and burning. However, after just a while of wearing it, there was no problem. There are also some people who are completely allergic and cannot wear this type of bracelet again.

Itching occurs quite often when wearing a bracelet. Some people assume that this type of bracelet is not good and affects their health. However, this is wrong because their uses have been thoroughly tested.

Itching when wearing agarwood bracelet due to the fake bracelet

In addition to the fact that wearing a bracelet causes itching due to physical conditions, the quality of the bracelet is also a factor to pay attention to. Counterfeit bracelets are often impregnated with chemicals, reduce essential oils, and add sauce and coloring agents. This will degrade the agarwood rings and their uses will change.

Especially for people with sensitive skin, just a little contact with agarwood can cause an immediate itchy rash. Can lead to spread throughout the body and greatly affect health. Even though the consequences of wearing fake bracelets are like that, many people still recklessly buy them because of the low price.

How to deal with itching when wearing agarwood bracelet

If you encounter the problem of itching when wearing agarwood bracelet, your skin will be red and have many itchy rashes. If left untreated for long periods of time, it can spread and get worse. So please immediately refer to the workaround below to fix the problem.

Bị ngứa do vòng trầm nên xử lý thế nào
How to treat itching due to agarwood bracelet?
  • In case there are first signs of redness, you should remove the bracelet immediately. Do not continue to wear it because it may cause itchy rashes. With such a mild condition, you can buy topical creams to help.
  • If the condition gets worse, go to a doctor for advice and medication to treat it.
  • Do not scratch the itchy area because it can cause scratches and open wounds. Then treatment will be more difficult.

How to prevent itching from wearing agarwood bracelets

The best and most effective way to prevent this is to find a reputable place to buy agarwood bracelets. Currently, many people take advantage of the high economic value of agarwood bracelets to produce counterfeit and fake goods. These bracelets are either very cheap or very expensive to deceive users.

If you want to find a reputable place to buy, you can consider Oud House. This is a reputable, quality address for selling agarwood rings that are highly appreciated by users. All of our products are censored before being brought to the market. Therefore, you can rest assured about the safety of the agarwood bracelet.


The above article has shared with you the useful uses of agarwood bracelets, the causes of itching when wearing agarwood bracelet, and especially how to handle problems. So use that knowledge to find and buy the best quality bracelet. We also encourage you to refer to Oud House – a reputable, quality address.



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