How to tie the agarwood bracelet is one of the most effective methods of attracting luck and fortune. An Agarwood bracelet is a sophisticated piece of accessory crafted from the quintessence of agarwood from heaven and earth. They are likened to a magical link with space. Wearing them regularly will attract luck and abundant prosperity from the universe. So how to tie a bracelet that fits your hand and create an auspicious knot?

OUD House instructs you on how to tie the agarwood bracelet

Currently, the attraction of agarwood bracelets is indisputable. Because of the elegant, natural appearance that carries different meanings through each string of beads, the upper class often loves to use them as luxury items to affirm their status.

Owning a high-end agarwood bracelet is also a way to help loved ones express their sophisticated and classic style and aesthetic taste. However, in order for the bracelet to be perfect, it is necessary to combine the elements of color, style, and size to fit your hand. This helps the owner increase confidence in all situations.

So if you encounter a case where the bracelet is too wide for your wrist, don’t worry. Next, OUD House will guide customers on how to tie the agarwood bracelet and adjust the string for the best fit that anyone can.

4 steps to adjust agarwood bracelet to fit

In case the bracelet is much wider than the wrist, this will be the solution for you

Step 1: Determine the number of residual beads

The first step to start adjusting the bracelet is to try wearing the bracelet on your wrist, then determine the number of beads that are excess compared to your wrist.

Bắt đầu điều chỉnh dây vòng bằng cách xác định số hạt bị dư
Begin adjusting the loop by determining the number of excess beads

Step 2: Remove excess seeds

Then we proceed with the steps of removing the string and removing the excess beads. First, the user needs to cut two strings of the gourd beard, at each end of the string there will be 3 beads in 2 strands. We need to remove those 6 beads.

Next, untie the knot at the bottom of the bulb cap and the 3-hole bead of the bracelet. After the two ends of the string separate, we divide the number of beads that need to be removed equally and pull out both ends of the string evenly. This creates a balance for the wire after withdrawal.

Step 3: Re-thread the bulb cap and 3-hole bead

To return the bracelet to its complete state, after removing the excess beads, match the two ends of the string evenly from both sides. Take a round wire or you can use any small piece of copper to help thread the wire into a 3-hole bead first.

Next, we proceed to thread the bulb cap, continuing to repeat with the other end of the string.

Tiến hành so đều 2 đầu dây từ 2 bên
Compare the two ends of the wire evenly from both sides

Step 4: Tie a knot and bead the two ends of the rope

Here you can tie a beautiful auspicious knot if you want. Then, add more beads to the two ends of the wire to return to the original shape of the gourd.

Each side will add 3 beads deeper to the two ends of the string, then knot both ends. Finally, cut off the excess wire of the bracelet.

Thắt nút và xỏ hạt hai đầu dây
Tie a knot and bead the two ends of the rope

How to tie a super beautiful auspicious agarwood bracelet

It is known that the auspicious knot is considered a lucky knot. This type of knot is made of loops linked together to create circulation, representing fulfillment, luck, auspiciousness, and symbolizing beautiful love.

Step 1: Fix the wire to create a shape

In this step, you need to tighten the rope, firmly holding a section of about 10cm. Remember to always hold your hands tightly, then form 2 flower petals. Use your thumb and index finger to hold the flower petals, clamping the middle finger close to the index finger.

Tạo hình 2 cánh hoa cho nút dây
Create 2 flower petals for the knot

Step 2: Tie a knot for the rope

Hold the rope firmly, thread a loop of string through your index finger, and press it over the flower petal. Fold the petals from the right side diagonally, then loop the two ends of the wire down.

Continue switching hands, in your other hand, hold the right petal through your index finger. Then you slowly pull out the 4 ends, adjust the 2 petals to be balanced and the middle knot is square, and then tighten the knot.

Chỉnh cân đối rồi siết chặt nút thắt lại
Adjust the balance and then tighten the knot

Step 3: Tie the rope a second time

Similar to step 2, do it with the left petal. Wind the string through your index finger around the petal, fold the left petal diagonally, and fold the two ends of the string down

Tương tự giống với bước 2, thực hiện với cánh hoa bên trái
Similar to step 2, do it with the left petal

Switch hands and thread the flower on the right side through the loop on the index finger. Pull the 4 strings slowly, adjust the 2 wings to be balanced and the middle knot is square. Finally, tighten it.

Step 4: Adjust the balance

Nới rộng 4 góc của nút cho cân đối, và dồn lại các hạt cho đều.

Chỉnh lại nút cho cân và đẹp
Adjust the button to make it balanced and beautiful

So complete all the steps of tying the auspicious knot for the agarwood bracelet.


The above article is Oud House’s instructions on how to tie the agarwood bracelet and how to tie auspicious knots. Come to OUD House, the address that provides all reputable agarwood products with the most competitive quality and prices on the market.



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