How do you make an incense cone? Many people wonder about this question as frankincense is becoming an increasingly popular choice. Just by lighting an incense cone, you can create an atmosphere of comfort and tranquility at home. If you’re curious about the process or want to do it yourself at home, below is the simplest guide.

How to Create High-Quality Natural Incense Cones: 4 Fundamental Steps

The way to create Agarwood buds will be a little different in each place
The way to create Agarwood buds will be a little different in each place

Step 1: Prepare and sort ingredients

The primary ingredient is agarwood (from the Aquilaria crassna tree), and it also determines the fragrance of the end product. The older the agarwood, the higher the concentration of essential oil it contains, and the more prominent and difficult the scent will be. However, some production facilities compromise quality by using immature wood for incense sticks, leading to weaker scents and fading.

After choosing the appropriate-aged agarwood, any impurities such as leaves, sand, soil, etc., need to be removed if present. This stage at first might seem minor, but it’s crucial for maintaining the purity of the Frankincense buds.

Step 2: Grind agarwood powder, mix with vegetable glue and shape

The agarwood, after being removed from impurities, is finely ground and meticulously sieved to ensure as smooth as possible. Finer powder enhances the adhesive qualities. Next, the powder is mixed with water and vegetable glue, typically benzoin resin.

After getting a cohesive mixture, it’s promptly fed into an incense cone-making machine or hand-shaped to prevent the glue from drying out.

Agarwood buds will be checked carefully before packing
Agarwood buds will be checked carefully before packing

Step 3: Dry and check the quality once

In certain production facilities, Frankincense buds are dried using drying machines to ensure precise temperature control. Meanwhile, some traditional workshops still rely on natural drying under suitable weather conditions. The difference in scent is relatively minor; however, if exposed naturally under high temperature for too long, it will affect the quality of the essential oils within the cones.

After drying, the products are checked for compliance with moisture content, fragrance, color, and shape specifications. Unsatisfactory cones will be discarded.

In many places, the way to make agarwood stops at this step, with the products being packaged. However, step 4 will contribute to enhancing the product’s value.

Step 4: Incubate incense, double check and pack

The aging or humidifying process helps enhance the fragrance of the Agarwood buds and limits moisture and mold when selling to customers. After aging, the cones will be tested once again, and those that meet the standards proceed to the packaging stage before being released to the market.

What Benefits Does Incense Cones Bring?

Now that you know how how to make incense cones, what benefits do they offer?

Frankincense buds inherently possess qualities of positive energy and significance in the spiritual life of the Vietnamese people. Regularly burning agarwood buds can lead to a clearer and more refreshing mind. Your ability to concentrate, be creative, and engage in thoughtful contemplation will also markedly improved.

Frankincense buds also excel at odor elimination, making them a favored choice for purifying the air from unpleasant odors such as tobacco, seafood, or dampness. Its captivating scent lingers for hours, ensuring your living space remains filled with a pleasant fragrance.

During funerals, lighting Agarwood buds and placing them in different corners of the house can dispel the coldness that negative energies bring, replacing it with the warmth and positive energy of the yang realm.

Moreover, incense cones have the power to regulate emotions and reduce negative thoughts. Their smoke can repel insects, mosquitoes, and cockroaches. Lastly, incense cones can have a soothing effect beneficial for those struggling with insomnia.

The Most Effective Way to Use Agarwood Buds

Can burn incense buds every day
Can burn incense buds every day

Incense cones are used on various occasions and are even used widely on a daily basis. Here are some situations where you should use them and how to use them effectively.

When should you use incense cones?

You can use them for events like store openings, housewarmings, or when starting a new business to bring favorable energies to your new living or business space. At the beginning and end of the year, Vietnamese people often burn housewarming to dispel the troubles and misfortunes of the previous year and welcome the positive aspects of the new year.

During festive holidays, traditional celebrations, or anniversaries, burning agarwood buds creates a warmer atmosphere with their warm and sweet notes. Even on ordinary days, you can still use Agarwood buds during activities like tea time, yoga, reading, playing chess, and more.

Steps to Burn Incense Cones

  • Step 1: Use an incense burner to burn the incense. If you don’t have one, you can prepare a small, flat plate to hold the cone. Start by gently heating the tip of the frankincense bud until it turns red.
  • Step 2: Allow the flame to cool down before carefully placing the burned bud on the incense burner or dish.
  • Step 3: Enjoy the delicate aroma as it gracefully diffuses into the surrounding air.


The process of making incense cones, in general, is quite straightforward. The key lies in carefully selecting the ingredients to create the highest quality incense cones. You don’t need to worry too much because, at Oud House, we ensure that each Agarwood bud is of the utmost essence and produced under stringent quality standards.


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