Fake incense cones are the result of synthetic chemical synthesis. This means they are created from chemical compounds rather than natural agarwood. Consequently, using fake frankincense can lead to concerning consequences. So, how can you ensure you’re purchasing the right product?

How to distinguish fake and genuine agarwood buds?

Fake incense cones will have a strong, unpleasant scent
Fake incense cones will have a strong, unpleasant scent

When making a purchase, you can identify real and fake agarwood buds based on the color, packaging, and price. Additionally, the fragrance, smoke, and freckles can also help you determine the quality of the product.

Differentiating fake incense buds through packaging and labels

The packaging of genuine agarwood buds will include logos, labels, manufacturing addresses, contact phone numbers, websites, or even QR codes with clear and unblemished ink. Moreover, you can easily notice the brand logo embossed on each agarwood bud.

Conversely, the packaging of Fake Incense Cones will lack complete information (or even any information), and the quality of the font print will appear blurry and faded. The designs on the fake buds will be simplistic or completely absent.

Comparing the color of fake agarwood buds to the real

Not everyone can distinguish Fake Incense Cones solely based on color due to the increasingly sophisticated level of counterfeiting of production facilities. However, seasoned eyes may discern that the color of genuine agarwood is a natural, deep brown, resembling the color of agarwood itself. The darker the color, the more essential oil there is.

For counterfeit or low-quality products, you’ll find them having a yellowish like ordinary incense. However, some places may attempt to mix chemicals to achieve a more natural color. At this point, burning is the only way to distinguish them.

Noticeable differences in scent

The fragrance of natural agarwood buds is not overpowering but rather gentle, warm, and sweet, leaving a lasting impression on your mind. Initially, you’ll experience a stroll through warm notes of agarwood, soft but enchanting. Delving deeper into the nasal cavity, there’s an explosion of layers comprising wood and earthy tones, wild and natural, yet luxurious and enigmatic.

Meanwhile, using materials like sawdust, wood powder, and chemicals like benzene, and Fake Incense Cones will emit a strong and pungent odor that spreads far but fades quickly. After burning for a while, it will give off a distinct burning smell due to the chemicals and burnt wood. Prolonged exposure to this odor will cause discomfort.

Differences between smoke and freckles when burning

Fake incense buds will give off more smoke
Fake incense buds will give off more smoke

The smoke from real agarwood will spread out in thin, delicate layers, akin to threads of silk, slowly covering the space. As a result, it will burn for a longer time and leave behind a very fine, grayish-brown ash that falls off.

Fake Incense Cones, on the other hand, will produce more smoke and can cause eye irritation and discomfort. People with respiratory issues might even experience difficulty breathing when exposed to this smoke. Its burning time is also faster and leaves behind white ash (due to the absence of genuine agarwood components). Some buds might turn black while retaining their original shape.

Significant price disparity

This is quite clear as sellers aim to tap into the seller’s ‘cheap’ mindset. However, the higher cost of genuine agarwood is entirely justified by its rarity and the value it brings. If you come across prices that seem too low, think carefully consideration before making a purchase.

Is using Fake Incense Cones harmful to health?

Losing money and inviting trouble is what Fake Incense Cones might bring to you. In reality, not only does it lack any beneficial effects, but it can also pose risks to your health and that of your family.

Impact on respiratory health

Smoke from Fake Incense Cones can irritate the respiratory tract, causing symptoms such as coughing, difficulty breathing, nasal congestion, and sore throat. For individuals with chronic respiratory conditions like asthma, chronic shortness of breath, or bronchitis, the smoke from Fake Incense Cones can exacerbate breathing difficulties.

Its smoke can also cause eye irritation, causing stinging and red eyes. Exposure to this smoke can make the eyes uncomfortable and make it difficult to see clearly. Burning Fake Incense Cones can affect indoor air quality, posing health risks to users because it contains toxic chemicals.

No effect on Feng Shui or Spiritual Effects

Fake Incense buds bring no benefit
Fake Incense buds bring no benefit

Fake Incense Cones lack the spiritual effects of natural agarwood. Created from artificial chemical compounds, they cannot produce the same effect in terms of mental relaxation, creating a sacred space, or connecting with spiritual aspects.

Quality Agarwood Source

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