The question of which zodiac sign the agarwood bracelet matches is always a question that many people wonder about. This item not only contains a special hidden value but also exerts specific effects on the person wearing it. Let’s answer with Oud House to unravel the question of which zodiac sign the agarwood bracelet is suitable for.

The Feng Shui power of the agarwood bracelet

Before addressing the question of which zodiac sign the agarwood bracelet matches, you need to understand the Feng Shui power of this item. In the past, jewelry made from gemstones and precious woods has existed. However, as the Agarwood industry develops, manufacturers and businesses have created various bracelet models and designs from agarwood. Those who own these pieces of jewelry receive high Feng Shui energy, helping to bring about favorability and success in life and work.

The feng shui power of agarwood bracelet
The feng shui power of agarwood bracelet

One notable and distinctive aspect is the Feng Shui value of frankincense, which also comes from its characteristic scent. The energy and gentle fragrance of agarwood spread around, clinging to clothes and the body, allowing the wearer to sense and enjoy the natural, gentle scent of agarwood.

Answering the question about Feng Shui – which zodiac sign the agarwood bracelet matches

Each different type of agarwood bracelet is considered to have its own element. You need to know your own element and choose the appropriate agarwood bracelet to promote its full effects. Here is the answer to the question of which zodiac sign the agarwood bracelet matches

The zodiac sign compatibility of the agarwood bracelet

In Feng Shui, compatible and incompatible elements can be determined based on the direction of the arrow and the position of the stars within the incense bracelet. Mutual parties are seen as harmonious and balanced with each other. For instance, Water gives Wood, Wood gives Fire, Fire gives Earth, Earth gives Metal, and Metal gives Water, making them the most compatible element pairs.

zodiac sign the agarwood bracelet matches
zodiac sign the agarwood bracelet matches

Meanwhile, incompatible elements depict the contrast and conflict between different elements. For example, Fire meets Water, Metal meets Fire, Wood meets Metal, and Earth meets Wood. In the case of agarwood, as it belongs to the Wood element, it is the opposite of the Metal and Earth elements. However, frankincense is very compatible with the Wood, Water, and Fire elements.

Colors that match frankincense

In addition to determining which zodiac sign the agarwood bracelet matches, the colors associated with them are also relatively important. Each element in Feng Shui is represented by a different group of colors. For example, the Metal element has the main colors of yellow, white, silver, and gray. The Water element is often associated with shades of blue and black, while the Fire element tends to include orange, pink, and red. The Earth element is usually associated with brown and earthy yellow, while the Wood element is often represented by green.

Since the agarwood bracelet belongs under the Wood element and has colors like dark yellow and earthy brown, it is compatible with all other elements. You can refer to the color chart and zodiac sign to better understand this compatibility. To know which zodiac sign the agarwood bracelet matches, choosing a bracelet based on the compatible element can bring about positive Feng Shui effects for the wearer.

Choosing tips for each zodiac sign the agarwood bracelet matches

Below are some selection experiences given by experts for selecting the right agarwood bracelet that suits you, as well as other considerations:

Define your purpose before buying agarwood

When you’re looking to purchase an agarwood bracelet, keep the following factors to choose the right product for you. For men, it’s advisable to select bracelets with larger bead diameters of 10-14 millimeters. These beads can be round, cylindrical, or in their natural raw form. These bracelet designs add masculinity and strength to men.

Please determine the purpose before buying incense
Please determine the purpose before buying incense

For women, it’s recommended to choose beads with a smaller diameter, ranging from 6-8 millimeters, and simple design or add accessories. Each agarwood bracelet model possesses its own beauty while exuding an elegant and aristocratic look suitable for various needs and preferences.

Furthermore, it’s essential to clearly define the purpose of using the agarwood bracelet. Whether you intend to wear it daily, for special occasions, or as a gift for loved ones, identifying the purpose will guide you toward selecting a bracelet that suits your needs.

Choosing the number of beads carries has a special meaning

The number of beads in an agarwood bracelet holds a specific meaning in Feng Shui beliefs. Typically, it’s advisable to select bracelets with a total number of beads divisible by 4 and leaving a remainder of 1 or 2. This corresponds to numbers like 13, 14-17, 18-21, and 22… are considered the ideal number of beads for a bass bracelet.

In certain special cases, bracelets with 108 or 216 beads are worn for Buddhist rituals. Additionally, these bracelets are cherished as beautiful jewelry pieces by both men and women.

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