Direct lighting incense has many uses in each person’s health and daily life. If used properly, it not only saves money but also ensures your safety. Let’s learn with Oud House about how to use agarwood through the article below.

Popular types of direct lighting incense

On the market today there are many different types of agarwood. Depending on your purpose and needs, you can choose the appropriate type. Some popular types today are as follows:

Agarwood incense stick

This type of incense is created by combining pure agarwood powder with natural glue and a bamboo stick. The special thing is that pure Agarwood incense is not mixed with any artificial flavors or additives.

On the market, there are some manufacturers who may mix some chemicals into agarwood incense for profit or technical issues. However, using incense containing these chemicals can cause stinging eyes, headaches and long-term effects on the user’s health.

Coreless agarwood incense stick

This type of agarwood is burned in stick form, without a stick inside, and is often used in combination with Premium Agarwood Powder. Despite its small size, the scent of this type of incense is very pure and fragrant. It is often favored for relaxation purposes and is now commonly used in Korea and Japan. The incense smoke emitted from this type is small, gentle, does not cause a spicy feeling, suitable for families with the elderly, young children or people who have just recovered from illness.

Những loại trầm hương đốt phổ biến hiện nay
Popular types of direct lighting incense

What’s special is that this type of incense helps create a relaxing and quiet space, bringing peace and quiet. You can enjoy the scent of agarwood in your home space without having to worry about unwanted health effects.

Cone incense

This type of agarwood has a cone shape, about the size of a finger. When burned, it gives off a richer and stronger scent than burning incense. In particular, if you use cone incense in the form of lotus buds and burn them with a backflow holder, it will create a unique reverse smoke effect.

Nowadays, many people like to use incense and see it as an elegant hobby. Burning incense not only brings a delicate scent but also attracts energy of luck, health and fortune. This creates a relaxing space and brings great benefits to users.

Agarwood pieces

This type of agarwood is cut into small pieces, making it easy to use on red coals or to burn with fire. The scent of agarwood brings a gentle aroma, mixed with a little sweetness from the wood, creating a fresh space when steaming the house, disinfecting or opening a business…

These types of agarwood incense all bring the effect of creating a relaxing, pure, and spiritual space. Choosing the right type of incense also depends on personal preference and purpose of use. By choosing the right type of incense, you can create the space you want and enjoy the benefits of agarwood scent in your daily life.

Some basic instructions on how to light incense

To maximize the effects of agarwood, you need to know how to light it correctly.

Một vài hướng dẫn cơ bản về cách đốt trầm hương
Some basic instructions on how to light incense

How to burn incense directly under the fire

Direct lighting incense types are often placed on the fire of incense burner such as ceramic, porcelain, copper… To burn agarwood, you can use charcoal to create a fire below and place agarwood powder on top to gradually burn. The fire source during the perfuming process does not affect the aroma of agarwood and also helps save raw materials. When agarwood is burned, it creates a smoke that carries the incense.

During the perfuming process, agarwood is burned from top to bottom and from back to front, following certain principles. Using direct lighting incense to helps dispel bad energy, ward off evil spirits and purify the space.

How to burn incense with electricity

To burn agarwood with an electric incense burner in a space such as a hotel or office, you will feel the effects such as reducing stress and creating a relaxing space to enjoy the incense. Burning agarwood in the bedroom can also help calm the nerves and improve sleep. The process of burning agarwood with electric agarwood inhalation has the following steps:

  • Step 1: Place agarwood powder in the aluminum tray of the agarwood perfuming.
  • Step 2: Adjust the appropriate temperature from 150 degrees Celsius to 250 degrees Celsius to ensure fragrance and safety for the tool. Once the agarwood has released its fragrance, you can reduce the temperature to save ingredients and ensure safety.

Using an electric incense burner brings many advantages: the scent is not mixed and evenly distributed. In particular, this burning method saves materials and can last up to 8 hours. During use, keep out of reach of children to avoid burns.

Oud House, the most reputable address to buy direct lighting incense

Oud House is a leading unit specializing in providing agarwood, using the most advanced and modern technology, and committed to not using artificial fragrances and additives. We are proud to bring incense sticks with a fresh and sweet natural scent while ensuring safety for users’ health.

Oud-house, địa chỉ mua trầm hương đốt uy tín nhất hiện nay
Oud House, the most reputable address to buy direct lighting incense

Oud House not only brings a wonderful experience of enjoying the scent of agarwood but also ensures peace of mind and satisfaction with the quality and safety of our direct lighting incense products being a top priority.



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