Coreless agarwood incense s is rumored to be a very good health remedy. This type of incense has a higher value than regular types, so its price is also higher. So what types of coreless incense are there today? How to use this type of incense most effectively? And what is the main use that this type of incense brings? All of your questions will be immediately answered by OUD House in the article below.

Find out what coreless agarwood incense sticks are

Coreless agarwood incense is actually a type of incense with the usual function of being used for lighting. This type of incense is usually shorter in length than regular incense, specifically 10-20 cm long, with a quite small diameter of 1.2-1.3 mm.

To produce agarwood incense, the main ingredients are agarwood powder and Litsea glue. These are two ingredients that are extremely good for health. Therefore, this type of incense can be used every day without worrying about affecting the user.

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Learn about coreless agarwood incense sticks

Unlike regular incense, when producing agarwood incense, technical requirements must be higher. Specifically, to get the best incense, it is necessary to have a reasonable ratio of licorice. A good type of incense is one with a natural scent and uniform color. If you want the highest quality, you cannot produce it by hand but must rely on modern machinery.

Because this is a precious and highly valuable type of incense, there are many places that produce counterfeit goods. Therefore, they can affect your health when you use them. Often they will add colors and flavors, so when they smell it, the smell will be pungent and can cause choking. Therefore, if you need to use it, you need to carefully find a reputable supplier.

What types of incense are available today?

People are increasingly researching and creating many different types of incense. Depending on your intended use, you can choose the right type of incense for yourself. However, the main types of incense only include:

  • Coil Incense
  • Stick Incense
  • Coreless agarwood incense stick

How to effectively use coreless agarwood incense

When lighting incense, you can use incense sticks to light them, they will spread the fragrance throughout the room. This will help your whole room have a pleasant scent. You can burn incense on a plate or use an incense burner, smoke waterfall, etc.

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Use incense effectively

Normally, a stick of this incense will burn for 30 minutes. However, the lingering scent can last up to 2-3 hours. This depends on the size of the room, wind speed… Therefore, you should not overdo it to avoid wasting incense.

How magical are the uses of agarwood incense?

When it comes to agarwood incense, no one is unaware of its miraculous uses. If you have used it once, you will definitely want to buy and use it more.

Many people believe that incense has great feng shui significance. People collect agarwood from the wound of the Aquilaria tree and it is very difficult, it is the essence of heaven and earth converging to form it. Therefore, their uses cannot be compared to any other type of incense.

Agarwood incense is related to spirituality

With a pleasant, not too-strong, agarwood incense is used at altars such as worshiping ancestors and gods of wealth. This type of incense is smaller in size than regular types. Therefore, they are extremely suitable for small-sized tables.

If you live in buildings or apartments with smoke alarm systems and still want to burn incense, this is a great choice. Because the amount of smoke they release is relatively small, the scent is very fragrant and lasts a long time.

Supports relaxation

This type of incense will help you reduce stress and tension with its gentle scent. This will be an effective therapy to help you calm your mind and calm down after tiring days at work. In addition, they also help you get better and deeper sleep.

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Miraculous uses of coreless agarwood incense

Supports health

Using agarwood incense every day also helps you regulate your blood, relax your muscles and bones, and support your spirit very well. This use has been tested and evaluated by many people as effective. Therefore, this is a great choice that should not be missed if you are having health problems.

Some other uses of coreless agarwood incense

Due to their long-lasting fragrance, many people use them as a way to deodorize. You can burn them in your bedroom, kitchen, or workplace… Or even create fragrance and deodorize in your car. People who regularly meditate and practice yoga often burn incense to calm their minds and relax.


With this information, you surely have a better understanding of coreless agarwood incense. This is one of the types of incense that should not be missed if you want to improve your health. So please refer to the address below to buy agarwood incense at the most preferential prices.



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