A Catholic incense bracelet is a sacred object that each of us should have. Each bead of the rosary symbolizes the teaching of God. The meticulously designed incense bracelets combine images of the saints, portraying the brightness and purity of the faithful. They represent the belief and love that each of us has for God.

Why is it called the Rosary?

The Catholic incense bracelet, commonly referred to as the Rosary, carries the meaning of a rose. The Virgin Mary plucked those beautiful roses from the mouth of a monk reciting the Hail Mary prayer.

Catholic incense bracelets
Catholic incense bracelets

Each rosary strand is a celestial sheep sent to Jesus and the Virgin Mary. There are 150 celestial sheep, including 3 red roses and 16 white roses formed into a wreath, to offer.

Each incense bead symbolizes a rosary as a celestial flower that never loses its fragrance over time. Each Hail Mary prayer is a flower we send to the Virgin Mary, and they bind together to form a beautiful flower crown by her side. It expresses our heartfelt dedication during the journey of faith.

The rosary brings good omen

Agarwood is a good wood, possessing the quintessence of heaven and earth and accumulating good luck for the user. Moreover, natural agarwood radiates a gentle fragrance that makes the mind clear and peaceful. Therefore, the Catholic incense bracelet always brings blessings.

The meaning of an 11-bead rosary bracelet

For the 11-bead Catholic incense bracelet, there are 10 scented beads and 1 spacer bead. The 10 beads represent the Hail Mary prayers, while the 1 bead is for the Our Father prayer. Because of this, the bracelet symbolizes positivity and good fortune in life.

Praying the rosary daily with these beads and reciting the Hail Mary prayers can help you reap success and good luck. It can also:

  • Aid you in relinquishing selfishness and living a more selfless life.
  • Cultivate a high level of discipline and seriousness in your life.
  • Open up a wider, more insightful perspective.
  • Foster your inner courage.
  • Empower you to resist temptations more effectively.

The meaning of a 13-bead rosary bracelet

This beaded bracelet can symbolize the rosary of the Virgin Mary. It is designed with 12 small beads and 1 large bead. The faithful will start the prayer recitation with the large bead for the Our Father prayer and the Glory Be. It brings forth auspicious beginnings for work and career endeavors.

The meaning of a 13-bead rosary bracelet
The meaning of a 13-bead rosary bracelet

The meaning of a 50-bead rosary bracelet

The Catholic incense bracelet with a 50-bead rosary starts with 10 small beads and progresses to 1 large bead in sequence. Typically, this bracelet is used to recite 50 prayers, with each bead symbolizing one prayer.

This bracelet signifies peace and the hope that all things will proceed smoothly and beautifully. Additionally, it is also used to pray for the souls to be swiftly liberated to the heavenly realm with God.

Why should you choose a rosary made of incense beads?

Currently, there are various materials available on the market to create beautiful rosary beads as an offering to the Virgin Mary. However, many faithful still opt for Catholic incense bracelets to express their devotion. So, what is the reason behind this choice?

Protecting health and feng shui for users

The rosary made from natural frankincense will have the ability to protect your health. Thanks to the purifying energy that makes the mind awake, the faint natural fragrance will help you sleep more easily.

Protecting the health of users
Protecting the health of users

In addition, agarwood has also been a common feng shui item since time immemorial. If you choose a string of agarwood that suits your destiny, you will increase the effect of the necklace.

Once you’ve chosen a suitable rosary, you’ll love it more than a natural bond. Help you to be more comfortable, love to recite the rosary while reading, and help your sutta to be complete.

Destiny-protecting agarwood rosary

On the Catholic incense bracelet, there will be attached a “cross,” symbolizing “the love and mercy of God.” Therefore, the bracelet is like an invisible protective shield around you, helping you avoid negative things in life. The rosary beads, like the Lord, are always present beside you, ready to protect you on every path you take.

Enthusiasm and responsibility

Each Oud House agarwood bracelet brought to you is a meticulously selected product from the very beginning. Then, each small bead is threaded onto the string, and the “cross” is added to the chain, creating a delicate finished product.

With the desire to send a bit of peace and luck from the celestial items, the bracelet will be the most valuable gift for the faithful everywhere across the country. 


With the profound significance that the Catholic incense bracelet brings, undoubtedly, this will be the best choice tailored just for you. Moreover, Oud House is committed to selecting the most exquisite and highest-quality agarwood beads to create a chain sent to you.

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