Burning agarwood incense for home, an ancient spiritual procedure carries a gentle fragrance and spiritual essence. When we mention this practice, it’s not merely about scenting the space; it holds a deeper meaning of wishing for a peaceful and favorable life. Let’s explore the act of burning agarwood incense for home along with its deep meaning.

Why Should You Use Burning Agarwood Incense for Home?

There are several reasons why you should use agarwood incense for home, for example:

  • Dispelling negative energy, bringing luck: Burning agarwood incense can cleanse bad energy, evil spirits, and bring about good fortune, luck, and success. It fosters a sense of closeness, helps to connect with the spiritual realm, and creates a sacred atmosphere.
  • Creating a tranquil, relaxing ambiance: The scent of frankincense creates a serene and calm environment, creating a feeling of refreshment and dispelling stress and anxiety.
  • Eliminating odors and scenting the living space: The delicate scent of agarwood helps eliminate dampness and mold odors, as well as tobacco smoke in the house. At the same time, it also scented the space with a pleasant, refreshing scent.

Which Kind of Burning Agarwood Incense for Home Should Be Used?

Agarwood powder is used by many homeowners
Agarwood powder is used by many homeowners

Currently, there are 3 popular types of Burning Agarwood Incense commonly used for home burning: agarwood buds, agarwood powder, and non-stick coil incense.

Agarwood Buds

This is a favored choice because it not only brings spiritual value but also increases the aesthetic appeal of the home. Burning agarwood buds on exquisite copper or ceramic incense burners make the space much more luxurious.

Agarwood Powder

Agarwood powder is chosen by many due to its flexibility in adjusting the quantity. However, if not handled carefully, it will be easy to make the powder fly around when placed on an incense burner.

Coil Incense and Non-Stick Coil Incense

This type is also quite popular, available in various sizes and burn times. Coil incense is suitable for those with busy schedules, as it doesn’t need to watch the time it burns out.

How to use frankincense incense effectively at home

You can use Burning Agarwood Incense to purify your entire home or strategically place it in specific areas to dispel negative energy and enhance positive vibes.

General Home Sauna

  • Step 1: Open all main doors and windows, turn on lights to facilitate airflow and allow the positive energy from the agarwood to transmit positive energy better.
  • Step 2: Prepare the chosen type of Burning Agarwood Incense and place it in an incense burner or a ceramic dish. Burn incense until you see the smoke rising.
  • Step 3: Begin the cleansing ritual from the highest floor of the house. Hold the incense burner/dish and walk slowly along the walls from the innermost room to the outermost room. Continue this pattern in sequence, moving from the inner rooms to the outer rooms, and from the top floor down to the ground floor.
  • Step 4: On the ground floor, place the incense burner/dish in the center of the living room and let the agarwood burn for about 30 minutes. Once the incense is burned out, you can dump it at the ashes in the trash or at a nearby intersection (you can also leave the dish).

Note: If the incense burns out during the ritual, simply add more agarwood to the burner/dish until the cleansing process is complete.”

Using Incense to Ward off Negative Energy and Purify The House

Burning Agarwood Incense in the house, put the incense burner in humid, prosperous places
Burning Agarwood Incense in the house, put the incense burner in humid, prosperous places

Prepare a few incense burners as instructed above, but this time, you don’t need to move around. Simply place the incense burners in specific locations, such as:

  • Ancestor altar: Place 1 Burning Agarwood Incense by the base of the altar.
  • Living room: Place 1 incense burner at the center of the room.
  • Kitchen: Place 1 incense burner near the kitchen area.

Additionally, you can place it in areas with high humidity or stagnant water, where negative energy tends to accumulate.

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When to Use Incense for Smudging The House?

There are many occasions to use incense for smudging the house, such as moving into a new house, opening a new business, at the beginning of the year, at the end of the year, or whenever you feel the need to refresh your energy.

Smudging during housewarming or moving into a new home

A new house may carry negative energy from the past. Steaming your home with incense can help remove these energies, and cleanse and refresh the space.

This is also considered a way to balance the energy and attract favorable conditions and luck for the homeowners. It can help regulate the flow of energy in the house, creating a harmonious environment that stabilizes the spirits.

Smudging during office or store openings

Smudging with incense can attract prosperity and success to a business. The gentle scent of incense can create a comfortable ambiance and make a good impression on customers.

At the End of the Year, Tet, and Holidays

Using frankincense incense at the beginning of the year to help attract good luck
Using frankincense incense at the beginning of the year to help attract good luck

This is the time when families gather and bond, and the scent of incense spreads like a catalyst, creating a warmer and stronger atmosphere. Additionally, this is also a way to dispel any negative energies to welcome positive changes for each family member.

Smudging when in need of space purification

Whenever you feel uneasy, or burdened, or when things aren’t going smoothly, frankincense becomes a lifeline for your soul. It wipes away negative energies and fills your soul with positive light. Incense can help you clear your mind and create a sense of accomplishment, bringing about success in various aspects.


Using Burning Agarwood Incense for smudging your home brings numerous benefits to the homeowners, and you can utilize it on various occasions. However, it’s crucial to choose the right reputable place for purchasing, as there are many counterfeit and low-quality products circulating in the market. You can place your trust in OUD HOUSE due to the quality of our products, reasonable pricing as well as service attitude!


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