Black agarwood bracelets not only attract eyes but also connect people with quintessential values ​​and profound meanings. Join Oud House to discover its timeless essence, where mysterious and delicate fragrances spread, creating a delightful experience not only for the eyes but also for the soul.

What is special about black agarwood bracelets?

Chiếc vòng tay được làm từ những hạt trầm đen tuyền
The bracelet is made from pure black agarwood beads

If you are a connoisseur of agarwood, you probably know that the darker the color of the agarwood, the higher the amount of essential oil and value. That’s right, the black agarwood bracelets are made from premium Black agarwood (of the Ky Nam type).

Looking at the black agarwood, we will be impressed by the mysterious, attractive black color, dotted with soft, curving light veins. All are created naturally, adding value to the bracelet. In particular, their color will not fade over time.

Although normally agarwood is porous and floats easily on water, this black agarwood is very heavy and sturdy so it will sink when dropped into the water. Due to the large amount of essential oil, when burned, a characteristic green smoke will appear instead of white smoke like other types of agarwood. You can use this tip to distinguish fakes when buying bass rings.

Black agarwood has a unique aroma, more complex and richer than regular agarwood. The scent is warm, and sweet but mysterious, rich, and awakens the other person’s curiosity.

What are the effects of wearing black agarwood bracelets?

Like other types of agarwood, black agarwood brings many benefits to users. Even its fragrance lasts much longer than other types.

Improve feng shui, spiritual connection

The black agarwood, with its strong scent, can attract positive energy and dispel negative vibes. In feng shui, this is a powerful tool for maintaining harmony between the wood and fire elements. It is said to help these elements, and positively. Wearing the bracelet every day will help regulate energy, create a balanced environment, and bring peace.

In addition, black agarwood is associated with abundance and wealth in feng shui. It is not difficult to see successful businessmen wearing black agarwood bracelets to attract prosperity and financial success.

Wearing a bracelet made from black agarwood also helps increase spiritual awareness, helping to connect you with your inner self. From there, you will have a deeper understanding of yourself and the world around you. Therefore, wearing a bass bracelet when meditating or doing yoga helps you feel the flow of chakras better, quickly reaching a state of balance.

Enhance mental health

Bạn sẽ cảm thấy thoải mái hơn khi đeo vòng tay này
You will feel more comfortable wearing this bracelet

The scent of black agarwood is known for its calming and soothing effects on the mind. It helps relieve stress and anxiety and brings a feeling of peace and relaxation.

Its pleasant and refreshing scent also positively impacts your mood and emotions. It can help relieve feelings of sadness, depression, or restlessness and manage emotions. From there, you will also reduce the possibility of neurological or cardiovascular diseases, and enhance memory and clarity.

The relaxing properties of black agarwood are also beneficial for those struggling with sleep disorders or insomnia. The gentle fragrance can lull you into a peaceful and relaxing sleep.

Fashion highlights for you

Black agarwood bracelets are considered a unique and different fashion accessory that goes beyond traditional aesthetics. Its unique appearance is thanks to the delicate veins that stand out on the natural mysterious black background, combined with noble charms or feng shui stones.

The embellished bracelet adds a touch of luxury and elegance to any outfit, suitable for both formal and everyday occasions. Moreover, when you connect with your inner soul, your confidence is multiplied. Don’t forget that confidence is also priceless jewelry!

The most effective way to wear black agarwood bracelets

Not everyone can wear a bracelet made from black agarwood. If you want to make the most of the benefits it brings, follow Oud House’s tips below:

What feng shui element is this agarwood bracelet suitable for?

Because the agarwood bracelet is made from wood, it will definitely be suitable for people of the Wood element. According to feng shui, Wood gives birth to Fire, meaning people with the Fire element can wear wooden bracelets. However, this is a black wooden ring, and black symbolizes Water. Therefore, people with the Fire element are not necessarily suitable. But if you belong to the Tich Lich Fire or Thien Thuong Fire destiny, Water is still a necessary element.

In general, the person who is most suitable for the black agarwood bracelet is the person with the element of Wood, Tich Lich Hoa, or Thien Thuong Fire.

How many beads of the bracelet should you wear?

Có rất nhiều loại vòng với số hạt khác nhau
There are many types of bracelets with different numbers of beads
  • 17 beads: A popular choice, simple and gentle design. Suitable for everyone for daily wear
  • 54 beads: You can wrap 2 rounds and combine them with many other charms or feng shui stones. This type is suitable for people with personalities who want to break away from traditional designs.
  • 103 beads: This type is often used for people who meditate, pray for peace, or go to temples.

Where to buy guaranteed black agarwood bracelets?

Do you want to buy yourself a black agarwood bracelet but are afraid of the expensive price? Or are you afraid of buying fake or mixed goods of poor quality?

All your worries will be resolved by Oud House because we specialize in providing high-quality agarwood products at very competitive prices. Please visit and experience our booth!


Black agarwood bracelets not only bring a lot of value but are also a luxurious and noble piece of accessory for everyone. If you are also interested in it, come to Oud House now!



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