Are agarwood incense buds good? is a question that has received a lot of mixed opinions recently. Especially when agarwood incense buds are a quite commonly used product in Vietnam and other parts of the world. In the article below, we will answer all questions about this issue so you can better understand the uses of agarwood.

Are agarwood incense buds good?

In Vietnam, agarwood incense buds are probably a feng shui product that almost everyone knows about. Not only that, this product also gives users a gentle, deep scent that makes anyone who inhales it feel peaceful and pure.

Far from the widely sold types of agarwood of unknown origin, pure agarwood buds bring many benefits to users. Especially when combined with a waterfall holder, according to feng shui, are agarwood buds good?

The nature of agarwood incense buds will have backflow smoke when combined with the waterfall holder, creating an extremely beautiful image. This image, according to the ancients, purifies the evil spirits and bad luck surrounding the homeowner, and instead brings luck and success in work.

It can be seen that this is an extremely good product and this is the answer to the question: Are agarwood incense buds good? This product is considered a precious material that heaven and earth bestow on humans.

Giải đáp nụ trầm hương có tốt không
The answer to the question: Are agarwood buds good?

Revealing 5 uses of agarwood incense buds

When users experience agarwood incense bud products, they will have many good uses in terms of spirituality, feng shui, and health. However, people should note that they should only use natural agarwood incense buds. To answer in more detail the question Are agarwood incense buds good?, below we will highlight 5 uses of this product.

Effects on health

Extremely good health effects are one of the particularly important uses of natural agarwood incense buds. The fragrance from this product will bring users the following health benefits:

  • Increase concentration: When users use agarwood buds, its essential oils will create a gentle, very pleasant scent. According to research by medical experts, the scent of this product will help people feel more comfortable, less stressed, and more focused.
  • Sedation and stress reduction: The fragrance that agarwood buds bring is also considered a natural sedative when sleeping. If you are having difficulty sleeping, before going to bed, burn agarwood during that time. When sleeping, the user will relieve a lot of pressure and stress.
  • Pain relief: Especially with headaches, the scent of agarwood buds will bring quite a clear effect. You can burn or steam this product to relieve pain when needed.
Tác dụng với sức khỏe
Effects on health

Brings luck, removes bad luck

Since ancient times, agarwood has been considered an elegant hobby of the rich or civil and military officials in the royal court. Nowadays you can easily see that this product is used a lot in moving houses or companies. According to everyone, are agarwood incense buds good? Why is this product often available on extremely important occasions?

According to the concept of feng shui, agarwood buds are one of the products that bring very strong positive energy. Therefore, when using this product on important occasions, it will help ward off evil and bad luck and bring luck to the homeowner.

Purify the air

Is the air quality when burning agarwood buds good? The surrounding environment is an issue that directly affects human health. Especially today, air pollution is increasingly increasing. Since then, human health has also declined quite a lot.

The proof that burning agarwood buds cleans the air is that many users have used this product to have a cold environment. According to oriental medicine, the smoke of agarwood buds is warm and spicy and quickly spreads into the air. In particular, scientists have proven that in agarwood buds there are more than 60 types of organic compounds that have many extremely good effects such as detoxification, sterilization, air purification,…

Làm trong sạch không khí
Purify the air

Repels harmful insects

Is agarwood incense buds good at repelling insects? The answer is absolutely yes, this product is an antidote to many types of insects such as mosquitoes, lizards, etc. It is for this reason that many households use agarwood buds to repel these harmful organisms.


The above article is all the information OUD House provides to answer the question of whether agarwood incense buds are good or not. Users should choose standard agarwood products, originating from nature to get maximum benefits!



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