Agarwood pieces are currently the top choice of agarwood connoisseurs. The use of it not only brings great health benefits but also has extremely profound feng shui meanings. Let’s find out the wonderful uses of it right in the article below!

What are agarwood pieces?

Agarwood is a product made from injured Aquilaria tree trunks. When experiencing damage, the plant will automatically secrete a special substance around the wound to heal itself. Over time, essential oils will accumulate in the wound, become darker in color, and give off a special fragrance.

From the pieces of agarwood, people will trim all the white parts (the part of the wood that does not contain agarwood) to obtain pieces. Depending on the Aquilaria tree trunk, the size of the pieces will be different, and the oil veins will also be different.

Trầm hương là sản phẩm được chế tác từ những thân cây Dó Bầu bị thương
Agarwood is a product made from injured Aquilaria tree trunks

The wonderful uses that agarwood pieces bring

As a product made from agarwood, it carries all its good values. Users will receive extremely wonderful benefits such as:

  • Agarwood is used to fumigate homes on death anniversaries, new years, special days, etc. The scent will help purify the house, chase away evil spirits, bad luck, and attract good luck to the house.
  • Agarwood is considered the spiritual energy of heaven and earth, so using it will help enhance the energy field for the homeowner and the surrounding space. At that time, your house will always be full of prosperity, attracting luck and peace.
  • Besides, it also has extremely effective uses in attracting wealth and fortune. Therefore, when using it, the homeowner will always have luck in life, business and trade will always be successful and smooth.
  • With a smooth, gentle fragrance, using it will help relieve stress and fatigue, bringing a feeling of balance and relaxation to the soul. This is considered a therapy to help calm the mind, calm the body, and keep the spirit optimistic and excited, thereby improving the quality of life.

Những công dụng tuyệt vời mà trầm hương miếng mang lại
The wonderful uses that agarwood pieces bring

Why should you choose to use agarwood pieces?

Currently, there are many products made from agarwood, but pieces are still the most popular. Besides the great health and feng shui benefits, it also has outstanding advantages such as:

Highly durable and has a long-lasting fragrance

Agarwood has a high concentration of essential oils, so when burned, it will have a rich, long-lasting fragrance. Besides, the whole piece form will also help it burn longer, suitable for occasions that require a lot of inhalation such as grand openings, death anniversaries, New Year, etc. Using it will last longer, and the smoke will increase. It emits more and the incense scent is also richer and clearer.

Ensure purity

Unlike products such as agarwood powder and buds that are easily mixed with impurities, the pieces ensure the highest purity. It is crafted directly, so customers can feel secure when using them.

Easy to preserve and have a long shelf life

The characteristic is that it has no expiration date, the longer the user keeps it, the higher its value. If you buy it according to natural standards and know how to preserve it, over time it will become rare and its value will increase.

How to preserve it is also extremely simple. If you don’t use it to perfume your home, you can leave it intact for display. This is also a very good way to increase prosperity and ward off bad luck for the homeowner.

Đặc điểm của trầm hương đó là không hề có hạn sử dụng
The characteristic of agarwood is that it has no expiration date

Oud House – Address to buy quality agarwood pieces

Currently, there are many units providing agarwood pieces in the market, but the actual quality is still a big question mark. To be able to buy quality goods, one of the top reputable addresses that you should visit is Oud House.

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Agarwood pieces are a product that not only brings great health benefits but also contains profound spiritual meanings. If you are interested in this line, please contact Oud House for the fastest advice through the information below:



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