Agarwood coil incense is a product for meditation lovers, a solution to dispel stress and fatigue. Use agarwood from OUD House for many different things such as house fumigating, opening ceremonies, worshiping Buddha, or using it as a disinfectant item in your family.

What is agarwood incense?

Agarwood coil incense sticks are made from natural wood, up to 90% from pure agarwood powder along with a binder made from the Litsea tree. Guaranteed to have the clearest fragrance, true to the original.

Nhang khoanh trầm hương sản phẩm tăng chất lượng cuộc sống
Agarwood coil incense products increase the quality of life

With a circular design, connected from inside to outside. So when burning incense, it will burn from the last ring to the top ring. The main point of agarwood coil incense is its longer burning time, lasting 3 to 72 hours depending on the size of the incense. And you only need 3 seconds to light it and it will begin to show its effectiveness. Agarwood smoke carries a gentle, luxurious fragrance throughout your room.

How is agarwood coil incense used in life?

The uses of agarwood coil incense in life are many, passed down from our ancestors to the present. The use of incense is a cultural and spiritual beauty in daily life.

Used in feng shui

Since ancient times, agarwood has been used in feng shui for its purifying properties, purifying the air, and bringing positive energy. The spreading white smoke will make the room more cozy, and full of luck and fortune for the homeowner. Regular use can also bring prosperity.

In addition, for many wealthy homeowners with big businesses, using agarwood incense not only attracts fortune. But it also impresses its customers, affirming its personal status and easily signing large contracts.

Protects and purifies the homeowner’s space

It is no coincidence that ancient people often used agarwood coil incense to perfume their homes and purify the air. Known by people as the “god of wood”, agarwood incense will help you purify your family.

Agarwood also helps you restore balance to your life, bringing a natural fragrance that wafts in the breeze. Lulls you into soft, gentle dreams. Eliminate mold and mildew lurking in the house, protecting the homeowner’s health.

As for readers, agarwood will help you relax faster, letting go of all worries and worries. Easily absorb the meaning and knowledge that the book page is mentioning. And it will definitely be a great assistant for those who are preparing for exams, giving them more energy and luck.

Used in worshiping grandparents and ancestors

Worshiping ancestors is a thousand-year-old tradition of Vietnamese people. This is the faith as well as the sincerity of children and grandchildren in the house with their grandparents. Therefore, using agarwood coil incense will show your respect.

Dùng thờ phụng gia tiên
Used to worship ancestors

In business, people often use agarwood incense to fumigate homes and open shops to help attract wealth quickly. Creating a fresh, warm space will help businesses run more smoothly.

Use agarwood to protect family health

Agarwood coil incense also has great uses in protecting the health of each family member. May refer to:

  • Maintain alertness and excitement thanks to the warm scent of incense.
  • Use agarwood incense for relaxing.
  • Helps sleep deeper and more comfortably.
  • Prevents symptoms of depression and prolonged stress.
  • Repels small insects.
  • Eliminates mold and odors.
  • Create a fresh, cozy space for your family’s daily activities.

Instructions for using agarwood incense

How to use agarwood coil incense is relatively simple, users only need to use a censer to contain the freckles. Use a metal rod of copper or iron or maybe wood to stick the incense stick on top. Use your hands to separate each incense ring to avoid sticking together and causing the fire to spread.

Hướng dẫn đốt nhang trầm trong lư
Instructions for burning incense in a burner

If used for perfuming your home, you need a small jar and a specialized ceramic cup. Then place it horizontally on the body of the bar to hold it in place. Light the fire to burn the incense, move it to the required position, and let the incense burn completely.

Because coil incense sticks have to be used regularly, continuously for many hours. And there is a certain heat that, although not too hot, can still cause a fire. So you need to pay attention to where you place the incense, and surrounding objects and regularly check your freckles.


Above is all the information and uses about Oud House’s agarwood coil incense. Ensuring that the products that reach you are always the best, highest quality, and not broken. The scent is always the most original. Quickly contact us using the information below to place the most accurate order.



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