The 108-bead agarwood chain is one of the most commonly used types of accessory today. From famous people to religious followers, all use this chain of agarwood. According to feng shui concepts, this item has many different meanings and uses. Let’s learn with Oud House how to choose a 108-bead chain of agarwood to maximize its effectiveness.

Ways to choose a 108-bead agarwood chain you should know

Knowing how to choose the right agarwood chain not only adds feng shui benefits, but it also has aesthetic value for the owner. Below are a few options that you can refer to if you plan to buy:

Determine the weight and size of the bracelet before purchasing

This way, you can find an agarwood bracelet that fits your body and hands, making moving and working easier. This not only brings you comfort but also enhances your charisma and confidence.

Hãy xác định cân nặng, size vòng tay trước khi mua
Determine the weight and size of the bracelet before purchasing

Choose the correct number of beads in the 108-bead agarwood chain

According to folk beliefs and feng shui, counting the number of beads in a chain of agarwood according to the cycle of “birth – old – illness – death” is considered very important. The number of beads that stop at the word “birth” is considered a good omen and lucky, because it symbolizes birth and growth. A small trick to calculate the number of beads more easily is to divide the total number of beads by 4. If there is a remainder of 1, it means it is in the word “birth”.

In feng shui, the number of beads represents the growth status and energy of the agarwood chain. However, it is necessary to limit the total number of beads falling on the words “old”, “illness”, and especially “death”, because this can bring bad omen. When choosing a product, you need to avoid chains with the total number of beads belonging to these letters to avoid causing harm.

However, for a chain with 108 beads, this rule does not apply. The number 108 has special significance in Buddhism and is not considered a bad omen.

Choose the right agarwood chain according to your element

According to the feng shui concept, each of us holds one of the five elements of Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, and Earth. When choosing the Agarwood chain, we need to choose the right element to bring more fortune and balance of vitality.

People of the Metal element, compatible colors are yellow, white, and silver-gray beads. The wood element is suitable for black, navy blue and sky blue. Meanwhile, the Water element is suitable for black and white, bringing peace and strength. Red, green, purple and orange are considered compatible colors of the Fire element. People with the Earth element are suitable for light yellow, yellow-brown, red, pink, orange and purple.

Choosing a chain of Agarwood with compatible bead colors will bring luck and peace to the owner. It also helps work thrive, reduce illness, and maintain good health.

Clearly define the purpose of purchasing the product

Agarwood is a precious item, so when buying, you should clearly determine your intended use. If you want to buy a chain to wear as jewelry for yourself or as a gift, pay attention to your element and the age of the recipient. This helps ensure that the chain will be relevant to users and have a positive impact.

If you intend to use the chain in business or to start a new project, consider carefully the value and design of the chain. This helps make the most of the potential and efficiency of the chain. It is also considered a “talisman for businessmen”, bringing luck and prosperity to business.

Learn the meaning of the bead number in the agarwood chain

Each rosary in Buddhism has a special meaning and reflects Buddhist concepts. Each number of beads symbolizes the dharma numbers and the practice process of Bodhisattvas and Buddhist contemplation.

Tìm hiểu ý nghĩa số hạt trong chuỗi trầm hương
Learn the meaning of the bead number in the agarwood chain

However, the 36-bead and 18-bead chains are not believed to represent specific dharma numbers in Buddhism. In fact, they are divided from a chain of 108 beads for convenience of wearing without carrying any deeper meaning.

Each person may have different opinions about rosary beads. However, the 108-bead chain is the most popular and commonly used chain. The number 108 means that giving up 108 afflictions and attaining 108 Samadhi dharmas, helps eliminate worries and sorrows in life.

According to Buddhism, the cause of human suffering and affliction originates from greed, anger, and ignorance. When we overcome these things, the mind will be relaxed and quiet. Therefore, the rosary brings peace and happiness to the wearer.

Buy a reputable agarwood chain at Oud House

Oud House, with many years of experience in producing natural agarwood, is always at the forefront of prestige and quality. We apply the most advanced techniques and modern technology to ensure excellent quality, bright colors, and unique fragrances.

Mua chuỗi hạt trầm hương uy tín tại địa chỉ Oud-House
Buy a reputable agarwood chain at Oud-House

We are proud to be certified for health safety by the Ministry of Science and Technology of Ho Chi Minh City. This confirms that from the production process to the packaging process, we are committed to providing customers with the best quality.

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