Why does the agarwood bracelet need to avoid water? This is a common question of many people because most of us want to wear bass bracelets every day. It’s inconvenient to have to take it off every time we need to come into contact with water. This question will be answered by Oud House shortly.

Why does the agarwood bracelet need to avoid water?

Ngâm nước lâu sẽ biến đổi mùi hương của chiếc vòng
Soaking in water for a long time will change the scent of the bracelet

The answer is yes, you should not expose the bracelet to water. You should remove the bracelet when showering, washing hands, or washing dishes. However, if it gets slightly wet from the rain, there is nothing to worry about. Just make sure not to soak it in water for too long or expose it to high humidity for too long.

In addition to the agarwood bracelet need to avoid water, sweat, alcohol-containing liquids, and other chemical liquids is also a taboo for agarwood bracelets.

Alcohol can destroy the scent molecules of agarwood essential oil in the bracelet. Meanwhile, sweat or water can create white marks on the surface of agarwood beads.

Why does the agarwood bracelet need to avoid water?

Why does the agarwood bracelet need to avoid water? As mentioned above, you need to limit its contact with water. Agarwood is a porous wood that absorbs water quickly, so it can easily warp and crack, gradually rotting the beads. Being exposed to water can easily cause its color and scent to fade and disappear.

Furthermore, if left damp for a long time, mold and mildew will easily develop, which will drown out the delicate scent of the agarwood bracelet. To avoid irreversible damage, it’s important to keep your bracelet as far away from water as possible.

What should you do if your agarwood bracelet gets wet with water, sweat, or alcohol?

Không nên dùng nhiệt độ cao để sấy vòng trầm
Do not use high temperatures to dry agarwood bracelets

The agarwood bracelet need to avoid water, but when it is exposed to water, just use a dry, soft, and clean towel to dry, then use a dryer to dry each agarwood bead. Note, do not use a high heat level because it will cause the essential oils in the agarwood particles to evaporate.

If you accidentally get alcohol or chemicals, you can fix it by polishing the bracelet with specialized sandpaper. Sweat is not a big problem because you can gently wipe the bracelet with a soft cloth. Wearing the bracelet for a long time will naturally darken the wood color, making these sweat stains no longer obvious.

How to preserve agarwood bracelets?

To keep your agarwood bracelet clean and giving off a gentle fragrance, you can follow these instructions:

A place to preserve agarwood bracelets

Does the agarwood bracelet need to avoid water? Of course, you must ensure that the agarwood bracelet does not come into contact with water, sweat, perfume, fabric softener, or other alcoholic substances for too long. In addition, avoid letting it rub against sharp objects because it will cause the agarwood beads to crack, scratch, and wear out over time. When not wearing the bracelet, place it separately in the specialized box provided by the store, do not mix it with other jewelry.

Food, cosmetics, perfumes, and other smelly things are also formidable enemies of agarwood. The reason is that agarwood is very susceptible to odors, and essential oil molecules cannot fill all the spaces inside the wood particles.

How to clean agarwood bracelet

The way to clean the agarwood bracelet is very simple. You just need to use a soft, smooth towel or cloth (for example, felt, or velvet) to gently wipe each wood bead. Using light pressure is enough to wipe off fresh stains on the bracelet, so don’t rub too hard to avoid scratching it.

For long-term stains that have dried and turned black, you should not treat them at home. All you need to do is take it to a reputable facility to re-polish.

How to keep the shine of agarwood bracelets

Normally, quality products will retain their scent and shine for quite a long time. Every day, you just need to diligently rub the bracelet on a soft, smooth cloth or even on your clothes for about 1 to 2 minutes. Do this for a while and you will see that your favorite agarwood bracelet will always be shiny.

Wear the agarwood bracelet properly to bring good results

Bạn cần biết lúc nào đeo vòng ở tay nào
You need to know when to wear the bracelet on which hand

Agarwood bracelets bring many benefits for both mental and spiritual health. So you need to understand a few things so that they can be fully effective:

Wear the bracelet on the left hand on happy occasions and for good luck. Wear the bracelet on your right hand if you need to go to places with a lot of negative energy (hospitals, funerals, courts, etc.), crowded places (e.g. bars, shopping malls, bus stations, etc.), and humid places (place where wastewater, garbage, etc. are treated)

People who often have nightmares or sleep paralysis can wear agarwood bracelets while sleeping. If you feel stressed or afraid of breaking the wire while sleeping, you can place the bracelet under your pillow or on the head of the bed.

You should wear the agarwood bracelet with the number of beads divided by 4 leaving a remainder of 1 (number 4 is considered the death number in feng shui).

Pregnant women should not wear agarwood for too long because it is hot and body temperature will increase significantly during pregnancy.


Does the agarwood ring need to avoid water? You must make sure your precious bracelet is kept away from water and alcohol because they will affect the scent and reduce the life of the bracelet. In addition, buy an agarwood ring from a reputable place like Oud House to help it shine longer!



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