The agarwood bamboo node bracelet is known as a sophisticated accessory, providing an infinite source of energy for the user’s body. With an eye-catching appearance, invaluable uses in spirituality, feng shui as well as for the user’s health, what makes this agarwood item stand out?

Món trang sức nâng tầm vị thế
An accessory elevates the status

Agarwood bamboo node bracelet – A talisman of good luck and peace

In the diverse and extremely rich world of eye-catching accessories, agarwood bamboo node bracelet especially attracts attention because they bring great benefits. Normally, bracelets are made from 9 pillars and 9 beads. According to Eastern cultural concepts, number 9 is positive and contains many good meanings.

The bracelet is delicately crafted yet simple. With bamboo pillars interwoven with delicate deep wood grain, it creates a beautiful and perfect piece of accessory.

Great benefits from wearing agarwood bamboo node bracelets

It is not natural that these agarwood bracelets have become one of the most popular jewelry items among “agarwood lovers”. Because of the great benefits that regular wearing of bracelets brings.

Vật phẩm trang sức được ưa thích hàng đầu giới “thưởng trầm”
The most popular accessory item among “agarwood lovers”

Feng shui benefits

According to the feng shui concept, thanks to the long formation process, agarwood has absorbed and accumulated within it the quintessential energy from the earth. Like an invisible magical link between space, agarwood always attracts positive signals from the vast universe, bringing luck and prosperity to the user.

That’s why the agarwood bamboo node bracelet is very popular with businessmen because it helps their work run smoothly and smoothly as well as prevents evil spirits or spells.

Health benefits

It is a type of plant with warm, spicy properties and strong yang energy, so wearing an agarwood bracelet can help the user’s body avoid wind, keep the body warm, and regulate blood.

Chuỗi tràng hạt tạo ra một mùi hương trầm nhẹ dịu
The rosary creates a gentle, incense scent

The special thing is, that every time the bracelet rubs between the rosary beads, it creates a gentle, warm scent of incense that helps dispel the heavy feeling caused by stress in life immediately. Molecules from the scent of agarwood can also penetrate the skin and stimulate blood circulation, helping to provide nutrients to the body.

Beauty in aesthetics

Not only do they carry great values ​​in feng shui and health, but bamboo bracelets also have a sophisticated aesthetic beauty. Without being cumbersome with too many details, the agarwood bamboo node bracelet is the embodiment of resilience, toughness and mixed with a bit of mysterious spirituality, expressing the owner’s unique style.

A series of expensive and rare agarwood bracelets will quickly attract attention from the upper class. With the trendy, luxurious, and noble beauty of this item, it helps express aesthetic taste, is also a symbol of class, and affirms the position of the user.

Process of creating agarwood bamboo node bracelet

To create the most perfect bamboo node bracelet, artisans from OUD HOUSE worked wonders throughout the entire formation process.

Tạo ra một chiếc vòng tay trầm hương đốt trúc hoàn mỹ nhất
Create the most perfect agarwood bamboo node bracelet

Take the workpiece from agarwood

Artisans will have to choose the best quality agarwood, and then cut away the bark to shape large, even blocks of agarwood. This is the stepping stone for perfect uniformity of agarwood particles.

Honing agarwood beads

After being selected, the block of agarwood beads will go to the grinding stage. Bamboo cylindrical agarwood beads will be created from this process with beautiful uniformity.

Check grain quality

The agarwood beads will be thoroughly inspected, and any defective or distorted beads that do not meet standards will be removed by the artisan.

Sanding and polishing

After selecting the most beautiful and quality agarwood beads, they will be put into the sanding machine. From here, the agarwood beads will become more slippery, smooth, and shiny.

String the beads

Once completed, the agarwood beads will be strung by artisans into bamboo node bracelets. The craftsmanship of their hands creates delicate and unique bead necklaces. Blended with the gentle, warm, and pure scent of agarwood.

Be absolutely careful when using agarwood bracelets

  • Limit the agarwood bracelet’s contact with water as little as possible.
  • Do not let the bracelet collide with hard objects.
  • Avoid cosmetics, foods, or chemicals with odors.
  • Avoid letting your bracelet get too sweaty.


Agarwood bamboo node bracelet brings great benefits to the owner such as improving health, attracting prosperity, and especially affirming position. Coming to OUD House, we are committed to providing customers with options that come with the most competitive quality and prices in the market.



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