Wearing an agarwood bracelet, especially a 108-bead agarwood bracelet, has always been a question for many. Most customers are fond of wearing this type of bracelet, as they seek to ward off negative energy and attract prosperity. Below, we will introduce you to the most proper ways to wear a 108-bead agarwood bracelet.

Benefits of Wearing A 108-bead Agarwood Bracelet

Before delving into the ways to wear an agarwood bracelet, it’s important to understand that the 108-bead bracelet is currently highly popular. It is considered as a tool to “lift the mind”, and is suitable for beginners on their spiritual path. In Chinese, it is referred to as “souvenir” or “nian chau”, which translates to using it for Buddha’s name.

Benefits of wearing a 108-bead agarwood bracelet
Benefits of wearing a 108-bead agarwood bracelet

In the past, the 108 beads Buddha beads were often used primarily for Buddhist chanting. Nowadays, many Buddhists also utilize these bead bracelets as items for protection and the desire for well-being, aiming to dispel negative energies.

Not only a spiritual tool, the 108-grain agarwood beads also become a beautiful, elegant, and modern piece of jewelry. It suits various age groups and is appropriate for wearing on many different occasions. That’s why owning a 108-bead agarwood bracelet for oneself is highly recommended.

Instructions on how to wear a 108-bead Agarwood Bracelet Properly

To be able to effectively promote the effect of attracting wealth and good luck, it’s important to know how to wear a 108-bead agarwood bracelet in a suitable manner.

Where should you wear the 108 beads?

When wearing a 108-bead bracelet, you can use it as a wrist bracelet, a necklace, or even as a prayer mala. To wear the 108-bead bracelet elegantly on your wrist, you can turn your wrist up and place the position of the largest bead, typically the bead with a lotus shape (the one with two turtle symbols), in the center of your wrist. Then, roll each successive bead until you’ve reached the end of the bracelet’s length. If you prefer to use it as a necklace, you can loop it around your neck once or twice depending on your personal preference.

Where should I wear 108 beads?
Where should I wear 108 beads?

Furthermore, the 108-bead agarwood bracelet can also be used as a mala for counting prayers. It helps you stay mindful while sitting on an airplane, bus, or during meditation sessions. Using this agarwood bracelet to count your breaths also helps the mind to be peaceful and serene.

Wearing the 108-bead agarwood bracelet on the right-hand

As for the way of wearing the agarwood bracelet on the right hand, you can wear it to places with negative energies or impurities to provide protection and ward off negative influences. According to spiritual concepts, agarwood incense is believed to possess the ability to bring about well-being and safeguard against dangers. Specifically, it can be carried in the following situations:

  • When visiting places with many unsettled spirits, darkness, or gloominess, such as cemeteries, funerals, hospitals, and related locations.
  • When going to areas with a high risk of crime and social evils.
  • When entering locations where there’s a risk of encountering danger, such as bars, supermarkets, buses, or crowded places where theft is likely to occur.
  • When going out for leisure, travel, or business trips to unfamiliar places, carrying the 108-bead agarwood bracelet can be seen as a way to ask for peace and avoid unnecessary accidents. This is one of the most common ways to wear the agarwood bracelet.

When wearing the 108 beads on the left-hand

Wearing the 108-bead bracelet on the left hand is often used to seek good luck and prosperity. When preparing for events such as contract signings, business negotiations, store openings, exams, job applications, etc., wearing agarwood can help generate positive energy for you. The positive energy from frankincense will be transmitted to the owner, creating numerous favorable opportunities in their endeavors.

In addition, wearing the 108-bead bracelet on the left wrist signifies the wish for happiness and good fortune to come to those around you, as well as promoting health and inner peace. Therefore, on occasions like weddings, visiting friends, birthdays, and more, wearing this bracelet can be very suitable. However, it’s recommended to avoid wearing the agarwood bracelet on the left hand too long, as it might lead to wrist fatigue or discomfort.

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Oud House - a reputable supplier of agarwood bracelet
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