The 108 agarwood beads is chosen by many people today. Not only does it bring special health benefits, but many people also love it because it is in accordance with feng shui destiny, and will bring a lot of luck. This jewelry is of natural origin, should you choose at OUD HOUSE this prestigious brand?

What does the 108 agarwood beads mean to users?

Many people believe that the meaning of the 108 agarwood beads originates from India. One of the jewelry is imbued with Indian culture from ancient times.

108 agarwood beads
108 agarwood beads

Introduced to Asia, Agarwood brings Buddhist meaning. Especially with the Asian concept, frankincense is the convergence of the spirits, the quintessence of the world, the earth and the sky.

In addition, the people who use these precious woods also show their kind souls and peace in the midst of life’s storms.

So it’s easy to understand why so many people love Agarwood bracelets.

Do you know the effect of an Agarwood bracelet 108 beads?

In addition to possessing a deep spiritual meaning, Agarwood bracelets with 108 beads are also more popular because of the uses and benefits for users every day.

Concord feng shui, peaceful life

The most notable effect of the 108-bead bracelet that many people are interested in is its compatibility with Feng Shui.

When used, the 108 agarwood beads will bring about favorable and smooth flows of energy for your business endeavors. It is believed to help everyone overcome difficulties and return to tranquility in the face of changes or challenges.

Many people also believe that the 108-bead agarwood bracelet helps to dispel negative energy and eliminate surrounding disturbances. It can be no different from the protective talismans of this material world.

Enhancing the health, reducing fatigue and stress

For the health of the users, the 108 agarwood beads can hold remarkable benefits. When you encounter stress and fatigue, smelling the fragrance of Agarwood will calm the soul and bring about a soothing relaxation.

Therefore, the 108 agarwood beads is preferred by many elderly individuals. It is one of the most effective items for dispelling sorrow and bringing peace in old age.

Top benefits Agarwood brings to users
Top benefits Agarwood brings to users

Which element will be compatible with the 108 agarwood beads?

When choosing the 108-bead agarwood bracelet, you need to consider suitable zodiac signs. Though there is no inherent clash between destinies, according to the Five Elements theory, Fire and Water are the two elements that bring the best benefits.

Water Element Individuals

Prioritize using a black or gray 108-bead agarwood bracelet for the best result.

Most individuals with a Water element will tend to believe that this item brings serenity to the soul and peace.

Metal Element Individuals

Those with a Metal element should use a 108-bead Agarwood bracelet in yellow or earthy brown tones, which are most suitable.

Advantages will bring benefits in terms of business and peaceful life.

Wood Element Individuals

According to the preferences of Wood Element Individuals, black or earthy brown tones are often chosen.

When used, this bracelet consistently brings positive aspects to a better and more beautiful life.

Fire Element Individuals

For those who have a personality like the Fire element, the best choice for the 108-bead Agarwood bracelet is black color.

The mild and pleasant fragrance helps them calm down anger, keep calm, and stay alert in the face of all occurrences.

Earth Element Individuals

Although the 108-bead Agarwood bracelet may not bring significant benefits for the Earth element, if you love it, prioritize choosing colors that belong to this element, such as ocher or dark yellow.

With a gentle and refreshing aroma, it always creates comfort in the mind and relaxation during demanding tasks.

Choosing the right 108 beads Agarwood bracelet
Choosing the right 108 beads Agarwood bracelet

Which hand to wear when using the 108 agarwood beads?

To wear the 108-bead agarwood bracelet properly, it is necessary to decide which hand is most suitable. Wearing the right side, and choosing the right position will bring the best luck to the user. Here are the main uses, when worn on the left and right hands.

  • For the left hand: Will demonstrate wealth and luck in life that is always warm and happy.
  • For the right hand: Help users achieve the intended, favorable work. Can be used during important meetings, and interviews to enhance confidence and bravery.


The 108 agarwood beads will bring many advantages to work and help users feel more relaxed and comfortable, thanks to the soothing fragrance. So why hesitate any longer? Get yourself an Agarwood bracelet from a reputable brand today.


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